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Inside Ada Nicodemou and Adam Rigby’s beautiful love story

The love story of Ada Nicodemou, star of Home And Away, and her partner Adam Rigby is legendary.
Ada and Adam are an extremely devoted pair, as evidenced by the way they met and the cute photos they take with her son Johnas.
Not shortly after they first met and fell in love, Ada made the public premiere of her new relationship at the 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards.
Ada told TV WEEK, “It’s really a beautiful night. And being able to enjoy it with a partner is always great. I adore the Logies; it’s so unique.
Adam had already grown accustomed to Ada’s, er, habits, despite being a newbie to the spotlight.
He laughed as Ada jokingly prodded his shoulder. “I could move houses, renovate, and she’ll still be getting ready,” he said.
With a grin, she remarked, “I’m a regular female. “I enjoy getting ready and dressing up.”
The businessman had never seen Home And Away when Adam and Ada first met at a gathering.
Ada remembered, “We met at a work event and he had no idea who I was. However, it’s kind of cool, right? I like that he was unaware of the programme.
Ada talked about Adam adopting the position of step-dad to son Johnas in an interview with TV WEEK.
“Adam and Johnas adore each other; he’s such a great stepdad and has really stepped up,” she said. “It’s incredibly special for a man to come into my world and love a child as if he were his own—and love me like I’ve never been loved before.”It’s a true first for me that I rely so heavily on him. I’ve always controlled the situation; I’ve never been able to do it before. Since he’s a fantastic man, it’s comforting to know that he has our back.
Fans may hopefully expect to see lots more lovely family images in the future, including ones from their recent trip to Italy in August 2023.

The perfect family getaway! Ada uploaded a number of pictures to Instagram from her trip to Rome with Adam and Johnas.

“Oh Roma, how we adore you!” Ada gave her Instagram carousel a caption. Even for me, it was very hot.

But I enjoyed exploring the city while simply taking in her beauty. Of course, gnocchi was our first meal after landing.

At the Logies in 2022, Ada’s boyfriend was the ideal companion and made sure to stand just behind her so that the lights were only on her while being close enough for her to sense his support.


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