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Home and Away newcomer Zara shares hidden agenda in Mali plot

Next week, Zara Campbell, a newcomer to Home and Away, will attempt to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend Mali Hudson on television in the UK.

The producers of the show are presenting Matilda Brown as Zara, who travels to Summer Bay in order to get back in touch with Mali.

Zara brashly announces herself to Xander Delaney as Mali’s “promised wife,” as we’ve previously disclosed.

Mali tells Xander that although this is a traditional custom, his family does not really observe it. Xander isn’t quite sold and wonders what this all means for Rose, his sister, who is presently seeing Mali.

Rose is tipped off about Zara by Xander in the Channel 5 shows airing next week. Rose determines that in order to learn more, she must stop by Mali’s residence.

Zara compliments Mali at the farmhouse on his obvious maturity growth while they were a relationship. She says she’s ready to be with him now and reminds him that he promised to wait for her when they broke up.

Rose walks in and interrupts the chat. When Zara admits that she and Mali were one other’s first loves, it sparks controversy, but Mali brushes it off as history.


After Rose heads out for the evening, Zara gets back to work trying to persuade Mali that they could be a good match.

Later in the week, Zara pushes boundaries even further when she interrupts Rose and Mali for breakfast and makes scathing remarks about Mali’s past.

Zara contacts Mali’s mother as well, believing that she will support her. Mali’s mother reminds him over the phone that he has a duty to support friends and family in times of need, which includes continuing to provide Zara with housing.

Rose is perplexed that he has invited Zara to remain for as long as she desires, and Mali tries to explain this to her. Will Zara be able to cause a rift between Rose and Mali?


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