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Home and Away introduces new ‘rock chick’ Mercedes

Our first formal introduction to Mercedes, a rock woman who will upend Lyrik and jeopardise Bree and Remi’s romance, came from a recent Home and Away teaser.


Bree (Juliet Godwin) and Remi (Adam Rowland) have faced many challenges in their short time together. Their relationship started as an affair while Bree was still married to her abusive husband Jacob (Alex Williams), but things rapidly got out of hand.

Bree accidentally killed Jacob by hitting him in the head while attempting to flee from him.

Bree pushed Remi away after that because to her PTSD from the unfortunate turn of events, and it took her a long time to let him back in.

Then, she learned she was pregnant. At first, she didn’t tell Remi about this because she wasn’t sure if the child was Jacob’s or his.

Finally, she started to let Remi in, and they moved closer to having a regular connection. Bree, however, recently encountered new difficulties as a result of Remi and the rest of Lyrik’s busy gig schedule, which required them to endure extended periods of distance.

Bree’s tumultuous long-distance relationship with Jacob had caused her to have both happiness and anxiety upon his departure, so she was perplexed when she had the same fear with Remi’s departure. This brought up additional buried trauma for Bree.

With the extra benefit that Lyrik could concentrate on the upcoming Battle of the Bands competition, which contains a $20,000 prize and would provide them with the money necessary to produce an album, Remi cancelled Lyrik’s scheduled shows as a way of supporting Bree.

Bree was initially apprehensive about Remi changing his plans for them, and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) was enraged that Remi made such a significant decision about the band without consulting anyone else. Nevertheless, it was ultimately decided that Lyrik would postpone their tour and concentrate on the competition.

The entrance of rock chick Mercedes, who looks to have a troubled past with Remi and the rest of the band, presents Bree and Remi with yet another significant obstacle.

After Monday’s broadcast, a promo played in Australia, giving us our first glance at the “rock chick” who is about to “make waves throughout the bay.”

The trailer begins with Mercedes riding into town on a motorbike while the announcer announces that “hell on wheels has arrived!” Mercedes is thought to be performed by Amali Golden.

Mercedes pulls up as Theo is getting ready to shower after surfing, and he is enthralled as she gets off her bike and takes off her helmet.

With a smirk, she asks, “Get a good look?”

When Eden (Stephanie Panazzo) returns to the Lyrik residence, she is startled to see a motorbike in their driveway, and it looks that she is certain of its owner.

She asks Theo, “she’s here, isn’t she?” as he exits the home, and the expression on her face tells it all.

An interior image of the Lyrik home shows Remi and Mercedes sharing a warm embrace. It’s obvious that Remi is much delighted to see Mercedes than Eden is.

Remi says to Eden as they later stroll through the park next to the shore, “We need her.

Could Lyrik’s secret weapon in the Battle of the Bands be her talent for music?

I don’t need anything from that selfish, cunning person. Remi promptly cuts her off with a “okay, okay” before Eden can finish her thought.

It doesn’t take long for Bree to notice the newcomer and begin to wonder if she should be concerned.

“Exactly how close are you?” Bree asks Remi, apparently irritated by something.

Remi informs his partner, “It’s always been music, and that’s all there is.” “You have nothing to be concerned about.”

Bree seems to trust her boyfriend’s assurance as they kiss, but it’s not Remi that she has to be concerned about.

Mercedes’ skill as a violinist is further demonstrated in the following scene, where we see her playing along with the rest of the band and exchanging glances with Remi, who is beaming from ear to ear.

The narrator in the trailer makes it clear that Mercedes isn’t in town for the music, saying, “She’s only here for one thing!” as we see her glancing up at Remi as he stands with Bree on the Salt balcony.

Eden has the impression that Bree has to be warned about this new rock lady.

Eden says, “Mercedes saw an opportunity to steal Remi and went for gold,” as the two leave the Lyrik residence while conversing and holding beers. She possesses no moral sense.

Does she mean to say that Mercedes has a history of ruining Remi’s romantic relationships?

Remi jokingly says to Mercedes after several more images of them exchanging glances and smiles: “Don’t you go causing trouble!”

Eden responds, “I don’t trust her, and you shouldn’t either.”

As Bree looks on in disbelief, the promo concludes with a scene of Mercedes fixing Remi’s shirt.

Although we haven’t learned much about Mercedes up until now, her spectacular entry into Summer Bay has long been anticipated.

A new face could be seen filming with Bree and Remi in photos taken in late February and shared on the Home and Away Spoilers & Info Facebook group by fan Kathleen Murphy.

A fan who was present for the filming learned the new character’s name was Mercedes.

The persona was shown in a scene with Remi and Bree sitting on an awesome motorbike. Another image appeared to depict Mercedes and Remi conversing while sitting on the fence overlooking the ocean in a different scenario.

Remi was spotted pulling up outside the surf club on what looks to be the same motorbike in a different video published by Home and Away trip operator Celebtime.

Remi responds, “This morning,” as Justin appears to ask him, “Since when did you own a bike,” as he welcomes Justin and Theo.

It appears like Remi is now using Mercedes’ motorbike on a temporary basis rather than owning one.

If Remi does really purchase a motorbike for himself, it might portend a turn of events for Lyrik. Given that Kirby had to work shifts at the cafe during Eden and Remi’s inevitable break to pay the bills, we already know that the band is extremely cash-strapped.

The trio is now on Australian television and is looking for money to record their debut album.

On Thursday, May 25, Mercedes appears to be coming to Australian television screens. From late July, she will be seen by UK audiences.


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