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Neighbours star Ben Turland confirms proposal in Hendrix’s storyline

Spoilers for Neighbours follow.

Ben Turland, who plays Hendrix Greyson on Neighbours, has announced that his character will propose to his girlfriend Mackenzie Hargreaves in an emotional episode airing next week.

Hendrix was recently diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, which occurred after the fire at Erinsborough High School, according to a recent plotline. He is told that due to restricted treatment choices, he will need a lung transplant within the next three years to save his life.

After receiving the shocking diagnosis, Hendrix and Mackenzie decide to enjoy a stress-free trip to Sydney to see his family. But there’s one thing he’s not going to tell his family about. His ailment.

His sister Alana, on the other hand, detects his strange behaviour and, as a result, the truth is revealed. Hendrix will then make the ultimate romantic gesture and ask Mackenzie to marry him, with the help of his loved ones!


Turland remarked of the proposal for Inside Soap’s huge narrative, “It’s pretty much spur of the moment.” Mackenzie has introduced Hendrix to a new way of thinking. She helps him live a more healthy and less chaotic existence.

“Hendrix begins to ponder his life goals and who he wants to be in the future. He thinks it’s a good idea, so he proposes! He’s not even wearing a ring.”


The actor also talked about Mackenzie’s reaction to the startling question, but he didn’t say what her response would be. “I mean, she doesn’t anticipate it!” They’re young, and everything seems to happen out of nowhere. Hendrix, on the other hand, understands what he wants, and he wants to marry…” he teased.

Hendrix takes Mackenzie to some of his favourite childhood haunts before proposing. “Taking Mackenzie to all of those sites is incredibly meaningful,” Turland told Digital Spy about those touching scenes. It’s wonderful for Hendrix to be in those locations with the woman he loves. It’s quite important to him, and it reveals a lot about Hendrix’s personality.”

Do we need to purchase a hat? To discover out, we’ll have to tune in!


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