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Home and Away’s Jasmine Delaney clashes with brother in death plot

In the aftermath of Logan Bennett’s crash, Jasmine Delaney has fought with her long-lost brother Xander for the first time.

Jasmine just revealed to Xander that Logan looks to be the cause of a deadly vehicle accident in the Bay, but she promised him to silence.

Logan was out on the road earlier this month when he collided with another vehicle. Millie, the other driver, was unharmed, but her companion Jo, who was in one of the passenger seats, perished instantly.

Since then, police have been investigating, but they’ve had difficulty getting concrete answers because Logan and Millie only have fuzzy memories of what happened. They have, however, quietly informed Logan that he is suspected of speeding.

Millie suffered with enormous guilt in Tuesday’s episode of Home and Away in Australia, which featured a dramatic rescue scenario.

Millie, certain that she was to blame for Jo’s death, threw herself into the sea, fully clothed. She quickly found herself in significant peril in the ocean due to heavy winds and rough waves.

Millie was brought back to shore by local lifeguard Nikau Parata, but she wasn’t breathing. Fortunately, paramedic Xander was on the scene and was able to revive her.

When Millie regained consciousness, she conveyed her view that Jo’s death was her fault once more. Xander cleared the air by assuring her that the other driver, Logan, was at fault and that she had nothing to apologise for.

Xander’s candour enraged Jasmine, who had given him this critical information in trust after conversing with Logan privately.

Since assisting Millie at the crash scene, Jasmine has been afraid that Xander has been focusing way too much on her.

“You could sense Millie’s sorrow, I had to tell her,” Xander protested.

“You are far too attached, Xander,” Jasmine responded. “You need to take a step back.”

Despite Xander’s assurance that the truth behind the crash will eventually emerge, Jasmine advised him to wait for the investigation’s final outcome.

Xander appeared to follow Jasmine’s concerns and pledged to withdraw from Millie’s situation once she begins seeking aid from her family and friends.

Will this be sufficient to calm Jasmine’s nerves?

These scenes will air on Channel 5 in June for Home and Away fans in the United Kingdom.


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