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Home and Away’s Xander Delaney faces fury over Mackenzie Booth’s health

Monday, November 27, marked the start of a highly dramatic week for Home and Away’s season finale, as Xander Delaney had to face the wrath of Summer Bay’s new doctor, Levi Fowler.

Once more, Mackenzie Booth’s health became a serious reason for concern, and Xander found himself in the firing line.

In the Australian episode airing on Channel 7 on Monday, November 27, Mac was taken back to the hospital following a terrifying incident that occurred while she was recuperating at home.

A few weeks prior, Mac was working at Salt when she had an unexpected health scare that left her battling for her life.

She was later diagnosed with a spontaneous coronary artery dissection, which is a disorder in which a rip forms in the wall of a coronary artery that provides blood to the heart, resulting in a heart attack.

Recently, Mac started having symptoms again and went back to the hospital; however, she left once more after it was determined that she had most likely undergone a panic attack.

Mali Hudson, Mackenzie’s roommate, was shocked to see her unconscious in bed during Monday’s episode. In order to provide her the urgent assistance she required, he dialled an ambulance.

Dr. Levi, the hospital’s attending physician and the estranged brother of well-known figure Eden Fowler, found that Mackenzie was developing a blood clot.

He was eager to assign guilt to Xander, citing the fact that the former paramedic had given Mac her blessing to leave the hospital rather than remain under surveillance.

Levi angrily said, “It won’t be because of you if she turns out to be alright. For this reason, we don’t advise patients to check out of hospitals before they’re ready.

“You took her home after putting her in a car and enabling her. She may be having another heart attack since clots may be growing in her arteries as we speak.

“If she had been here, everything would never have gotten to this point because she would have been closely watched.” Are you aware of that?”

Xander then confided in Mali, Tane Parata, and Alf Stewart about how he felt guilty for his friend’s predicament, despite his protests that Mac had made her own decision.

Will Mac survive as the season finale approaches?

Early in the new year, Channel 5 will air these sequences for fans of Home and Away in the UK. In the UK, the show is now on holiday, giving way to the channel’s afternoon Christmas movie schedule.


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