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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman makes a big decision after split from Tane

In brand-new scenes from Home and Away that are premiering in Australia this week, Felicity Newman and Tane Parata’s situation is not looking good.

After Tane found out that his wife had lied to him about wanting to start a family, the pair fell apart. Felicity had admitted to him that she was ready to try for a child, but she had been taking contraceptive pills covertly.

Tane moved out of their home after realising she was lying, and he is currently considering his alternatives, including possibly going back to New Zealand.

Actor Ethan Browne of Tane told TV WEEK that while Tane might return to New Zealand in the future, for the time being he needs space and time.

Felicity will get a ray of hope in later episodes when Tane returns home carrying a bag, but she will sober up when he tells her he’s only stopping by to pick up some clothes.

Later on, Felicity witnesses Mackenzie Booth giving Tane the keys to her apartment, and she becomes heartbroken to learn that Tane is residing with her business partner.

Felicity screams at Mackenzie while ignoring the patrons at Salt, but will she destroy their friendship?


Felicity, who is desperate to keep their marriage intact, apologises to Mackenzie for her outburst and begs her to do her a favour by giving Tane back her wedding ring.

Will Tane change his mind?


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