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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity tries to win Tane back

Felicity puts her friendship with Mackenzie at jeopardy this week on Home and Away in Australia as she tries desperately to get Tane back.

After learning that Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) had continued to take her birth control pills, Tane (Ethan Browne) ended their relationship last week. In actuality, Felicity is content with her childless life and isn’t ready for it to change. Tane had lately asked her to try for a child, but Felicity had just consented to keep Tane happy.

When the pills accidentally dropped out of Flick’s purse when Mackenzie (Emily Weir) was looking for something in Salt’s storeroom, Mackenzie became the first person to realise that Felicity was lying. Mac begged Felicity to be honest with her husband, and in the end, she had to offer her a warning: if Felicity didn’t tell Tane the truth, she would.

After realising that Felicity and Mackenzie were not getting along, Tane became suspicious of his wife’s actions and made her empty her handbag in order to expose her deceit.

Felicity is still in shock at their split this week, but she is adamant about getting her husband back. Will her attempt result in tears, though?

Everyone is excited when Lyrik performs their first show back at Salt, even Luke Van Os’s character Xander, who took a chance by offering two drinks for one to draw customers without consulting his superiors!

Although Mac and Flick will undoubtedly be displeased by his pricey drink offer, they also have more pressing concerns this week when the pals and business partners square off.


In Tuesday’s episode, Felicity enters a packed Salt, where everyone is celebrating Lyrik’s big gig with gusto. Entering the bar at the perfect moment, she hears Mac stabbing her in the back as she discovers Mackenzie and Tane chatting.

Mackenzie lifts a glass and says to Tane, “Everyone keeps apologising for Felicity’s bad behaviour, except for Felicity.”

When Felicity runs into Mackenzie downstairs at the surf club the following day, she tells her straight out what she thinks of her.

Standing next to the club’s defibrillator, she accuses Mac, “You backstabbing cow,” a foreboding sign of what’s to come later in the week. “You’ve been acting as though you care about us both, but you’ve clearly taken a side.”

When Felicity goes home later, she’s happy to see Tane there with a bag. Her spouse promptly corrects her when she thinks he’s moving back in, saying he’s simply stopping by to pick up some things and their marriage is finished.

Felicity begs Tane to come over and talk to his wife so that they can work everything out, but he refuses, telling her that “we’re done.”

According to TV Week, Tane informs Flick that he has cancelled their land purchase in New Zealand and that he will be moving till he can decide what to do next.

Felicity is saddened once more as he leaves his wedding ring on the table and goes.

Then, when Felicity realises that Tane is moving into the farmhouse and sees Mackenzie handing him the keys, things get even worse.

Then, in the midst of their crowded diner, Flick erupts at Mac, seemingly determined to terminate both her marriage and one of her closest friendships.

The next morning, a humiliated Felicity comes to see Mackenzie to grovel and beg for a favour: she asks Mackenzie to give Tane back her wedding ring.

This is her final effort to keep her marriage intact, and she’s hoping that by making this gesture, Tane will grasp how much he’s losing.

Will it succeed?

Sadly, later-week spoilers imply otherwise. For example, in Thursday’s triple bill, Tane snaps before it’s revealed in synopses that he’s “ready to rebound.”

Is this indeed Tane and Felicity’s last moment together?


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