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Home and Away Spoilers – Andrew says goodbye to Summer Bay

It’s a sad day in the Morgan/Patterson home next week on Home and Away in the UK when Justin and Leah send Andrew Lawrence a fond farewell.

One heartbreaking goodbye to Andrew (Joshua Hewson) had previously been endured by Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou), when the teenager was duped into believing that Margot Dafoe (Mandy McElhinney), the leader of the Vita Nova cult, was his long-lost mother Esther.

Even though it was eventually discovered that the cult had murdered Esther more than ten years prior, her remains had been discovered in a suitcase at a storage facility, it was also discovered that Andrew had a half-sister named Tegan Osborne (Sophia Forrest).

Tegan had been working abroad as an environmental researcher in Antarctica up until last week, so when she showed up in Summer Bay to see Andrew, he was taken aback.

Given their past experiences, it was only natural for everyone in the household to be a little sceptical. However, once the police used a DNA test to establish Tegan’s identity and the fact that she was in possession of the original version of the photo that had featured on Andrew’s missing poster, they quickly changed their minds.

Even Andrew was able to establish a connection with his sister and indicated a want to learn more about her.

They did not anticipate Tegan’s wish for Andrew to move in with her in the city so that they can function as a real family.


While Tegan eventually agreed with Justin’s concern that she was moving too quickly, she made it obvious that she wasn’t going to allow anyone stop her from seeing her brother. Andrew had to decide on it.

The following week, Tegan and Andrew go to see Andrew’s social worker, who advises them that, given the traumas they’ve experienced, they could both benefit from counselling. Nevertheless, they believe that Andrew moving in with Tegan could be a good idea because it would give both of them stability and a sense of family.

Tegan tells Justin and Leah about this privately, but Justin isn’t certain that she understands the responsibility that would be placed on her given that Andrew isn’t your typical 17-year-old.

Andrew is invited to stay with them, but Justin departs to find him and reminds him that the choice is totally up to him. However, he does say that he and Leah will be happy to help Andrew through any kind of education, possibly even through college one day.

When they reach home, Justin implores Andrew to inform Tegan of his choice to stay with Justin and Leah because it will make everything easier in terms of school, etc.

Tegan reassures Andrew that they can still see one other, but she excuses herself looking genuinely sad. Leah is left to worry if Justin has had an undue impact on Andrew’s choice.

Theo is astonished to find Andrew alone in the dark and unable to sleep when he returns home from a recording session late that night.

Andrew tells Theo, “I told Tegan I didn’t want to live with her.” But I actually…

Tegan will be going back to the city the following day, but despite Theo giving Andrew chances to speak out, Andrew stays silent about what he actually wants out of respect for Justin and Leah.

Theo softly informs the two that Andrew truly wants to leave with Tegan since he has no choice but to do so.

While Leah gives him a knowing glance, Theo questions whether Justin truly believes that Andrew would have said as much if it were the case.

Later that day, as they get ready to say goodbye to Tegan, Justin encourages Andrew to go pack his things as well because he understands what needs to be done.

Justin informs Andrew that he must accompany his sister as Tegan dries her tear. Andrew is thrilled and starts to pack after making sure Justin and Leah won’t object.

After a little period, Justin, Leah, and Theo must eventually bid Andrew farewell. Andrew gives Leah one of his renowned hugs as she offers Tegan a book he has been reading intently.

As Andrew thanks Justin and bids a fond farewell to Theo, someone begins chopping onions someplace.

“Thank you for reading my note,” Andrew says, remembering the strange events from two months ago that had brought them together. I now say, “You changed my life.”

We wonder if we’ll ever hear from Andrew again as he departs for his exhilarating new life in the city with Tegan.


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