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Larry Emdur’s slip up reveals personal insight into Cameron Daddo’s marriage

Viewers have gotten a glimpse into Cameron Daddo and Alison Brahe’s married life thanks to a Morning Show gaffe on Larry Emdur’s part.

On The Morning Show, Cameron, 56, and Alison, 51, addressed their podcast, Separate Bathrooms – and Other Handy Marriage Tips.

When introducing them, host Larry Emdur made a little blunder by referring to their idea as “Separate Bedrooms” instead of “bathrooms.”

However, it turns out that the host was correct.

Cam’s snoring is the reason the pair occasionally chooses to sleep in different rooms.

“If I’m not sleeping well, I’m irritable, and I’m cranky with him,” Alison explained on their podcast. “I constantly emphasise that sleeping separately is for the marriage, not against the marriage.”

Larry then asked the former Home and Away star if he’d been able to change his habit, to which Cam replied that he’d “tried everything,” but nothing had worked.

“Everything has been attempted… Maybe it’s the extra glass of red wine at night, but when I put the item in my mouth for a time, it drew my mouth forward.”

“Well, you figured it out; separate bathrooms, separate beds, separate everything,” Sally Bowrey, another presenter, said.

Lotus, 24, and Bodhi, 14, and son River, 20, are the couple’s three children, and this isn’t the first time they’ve spoken up about their family life.

Cam admitted to “gaslighting” his wife on a prior episode of their podcast.

Alison likened sincere apologies to gaslighting (emotional manipulation that causes someone to doubt their own sanity), and the Packed To The Rafters star admitted to having done the latter.

“I’m the one who did it to you. That’s what I’ve done. The actor added, “And you know I’ve done it before.”

“This is where it becomes difficult,” he continued. This is why it’s so tough to examine how we harm others. And I’ve done the same thing with you, telling you, “You’re insane, you’re insane.” And I’ll apologise once more.”


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