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Home and Away reveals Justin Morgan court drama in 20 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK television in the week beginning May 29.

The following week on Channel 5’s Home and Away, Xander is still recovering in the hospital after being attacked by thugs who ambushed his ambulance in search of drugs. In addition, he feels guilty for having survived because Jamie, a coworker, sadly perished there.
Justin is in court for his most recent assault on Conor.
20 images from our newest spoiler collection give you a preview of what’s to come.

Monday, May 29: After being attacked, Xander is still in the hospital.
He has been taken out of the sedation, but he is still not fully recovered.

On May 29, Rose continues to be Xander’s side.
Home and Away’s Rose Delaney5 Channel
Since the attackers have been apprehended, Rose can now fully focus on Xander’s recuperation.

Bree checks on Xander Delaney and Bree Cameron in “Home and Away” on Monday, May 29.5 Channel
She has closely monitored his case.

On Monday, May 29, Xander speaks with Bree in the episode of “Home and Away.”5 Channel
He remembers hearing the terrible news that Jamie, his ambulance colleague, had passed away there.

Monday, May 29: Rose feels terrible for Xander in “Home and Away.” Rose Delaney, Bree Cameron, and Xander Delaney5 Channel
It appears that Xander’s road to recovery will be difficult. But given their recent conflicts, Xander generously advises Rose to go and settle things with Mali.

Tuesday, May 30: Irene pays Xander a visit in “Home and Away” (Xander Delaney and Irene Roberts).5 Channel
At the hospital, she inquires about him.

Tuesday, May 30: Xander is still reflecting about Jamie’s passing.
In the movie “Home and Away,” Xander and Rose Delaney5 Channel
He tells Rose about his unfortunate coworker’s passing.

Tuesday, May 30: Rose and Xander Delaney in Home and Away want to hear the specifics of Jamie’s funeral.5 Channel
He’s resolved to offer his respects in closing.

Monday, May 29: Rose Delaney from “Home and Away” should inquire about the funeral’s specifics per Xander’s request.5 Channel
Will Rose research it on her brother’s behalf?

Thursday, June 1: Justin Morgan in Home and Away’s court date is that day.5 Channel
He is now paying for his most recent assault on Conor.

Leah and Justin meet up at the courts on June 1st leah patterson in home and away5 Channel
There’s a chance Justin could end up in jail.

Thursday, June 1: Theo is concerned following his testimony in “Home and Away”5 Channel
He worries that his testimony may have backfired.

Theo Poulos in Home and Away revealed that Ava has a history of lying during interrogation on June 1st.5 Channel

Thursday, June 1: Justin becomes frantic.
Home and Away star Justin Morgan5 Channel
Theo is out of choices because his evidence turned out so poorly.

Thursday, June 1: Justin Morgan has a thought during his court appearance in “Home and Away.”5 Channel
He advises him to go on the offensive himself.

Thursday, June 1: Justin is aware that providing testimony would involve a lot of risk.
Justin Morgan in Home and Away on his court date5 Channel
He’s been warned before not to subject himself to cross-examination, but is this the right moment to take a big chance?

Friday, June 2: Justin is still concerned about his chances of staying out of jail.
Home and Away star Justin Morgan5 Channel

Roo and Theo both feel powerless on Friday, June 2.
Theo Poulos and Roo Stewart in “Home and Away”5 Channel
Concerns concerning Justin’s future are raised.

Friday, June 2: Justin’s attorney has a suggestion.
The court date for Justin Morgan in “Home and Away”5 Channel
He says Justin could benefit from a character witness.

Friday, June 2: Alf saves the day Alf Stewart shows up in the movie “Home and Away” outside the courthouse.5 Channel
He makes a commitment to present proof of Justin’s moral integrity in the hopes that the judge would be persuaded.


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