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Home and Away’s Bree Cameron becomes insecure over Remi Carter in new scenes

In upcoming scenes, Bree Cameron from Home and Away will start to feel nervous about Remi Carter.

Bree and Remi are taking things carefully in the episodes that will appear on Channel 5 the next week, as Bree is still getting over her ordeal with her violent husband Jacob, who recently passed away.

Bree is thrilled when Remi invites her over for the evening because they still have a lot of connection. She pulls away as their relationship intensifies and claims she isn’t ready for physical closeness just yet. Remi feels sympathetic and agrees to follow her lead.

But when Bree notices Remi busking outside the Surf Club and is mobbed by female admirers, there might be some tension in the air. She begins to wonder how long this rock star, who may have his pick of women, will hold out for her as she begins to feel uneasy.

Could their relationship be impacted by this insecurity?

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