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Former Channel 7 Home and Away star Sam Frost shares shares ‘difficult’ baby update: ‘So much pain’

The former Home and Away star revealed how she had been left ‘sobbing’ after a realisation.

Sam Frost, a former Home and Away actress, recently offered a touching update on parenthood.

The actress said breastfeeding was the most “difficult” aspect of being a mother. She and fiancé Jordie Hansen had son Ted in March.

Frost wrote on Instagram, “I was bombarded with comments from ladies who had a similar experience, very thankful I revealed that I had a lot of issues breastfeeding.

Therefore, I made the decision to write about our feeding adventure on my Sam Frost’s Believe page.

Frost stated that the experience had been “really difficult” for her “emotionally, mentally, and physically” in a website update.

According to Frost, her kid “latched on perfectly” when he was initially born, but after a few days, the actress was “in so much pain.”

She said, “I tried because I was told to push through it.”

“It appeared to be deteriorating. I was sobbing instead of just making adorable little tears during every feed.

“Little Ted started crying and acting upset and agitated. I’m not sure if he was absorbing my energy or not enough milk was being given to him.

In the end, she determined that the bottle would be the best option for the two of them, according to Frost.

The 34-year-old claimed that she nearly decided not to share her journey because she felt “judgement and pressure” from others.

Everybody makes errors. Everybody has days when they wish they had handled a situation differently. However, we are all making an effort. What is effective for one individual might not be effective for you, she concluded.

Frost and Hansen used a straightforward yet lovely Instagram post to share the arrival of their child in March.

“This is Ted,” they said alongside a photo of Frost and her infant child.

John Theodore Paul Frost-Hansen. There aren’t enough words to express our love for you. 07/03/2023.”

Months after announcing their engagement, in September 2022, Frost and Hansen made the pregnancy news public.

The expectant mother uploaded a photo of Hansen and herself clutching an ultrasound image.

Everyone should appear shocked when the newborn baby acquires his parents’ peculiar sense of humor, the caption stated.

We try to instill in our little one the same ideals we do by not taking ourselves or life too seriously.

Frost recently gave readers a close-up peek at her early days with her baby.

Frost and Hansen were seen in the hospital introducing their son to the extended family in a touching video posted to Instagram.

“Thank you so much for all the kind comments, messages and love in the past two weeks,” Frost’s caption read.

“We haven’t had a chance to get back to people.

“But we are extremely appreciative and have felt all the love.

“I couldn’t love anything more than I love my two boys, Jordie & Ted.

“My heart feels like it could burst with love and happiness.”


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