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Home and Away Ziggy and Dean stars talk soap exit as they gush over ‘best years’

Paddy O’Connor and Sophie Dillman of Home and Away described their time on the show as the “best of their lives” after their final scenes aired.

The Australian soap opera’s actors Paddy O’Connor and Sophie Dillman declared it to be the “best of their lives” while they were working on it.

Paddy, 30, joined the cast of the Channel 5 serial in 2018, while Sophie, 29, made her debut as Ziggy Astoni in 2017.

In the episode that aired on Friday, May 5, Ziggy and Dean left Summer Bay with their daughter Izzy in order to start over in Queensland.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, real-life pair Sophie and Paddy, who began dating off-screen in 2019, talked about their departure and admitted they knew it was time to move on.

We worked there for the majority of our twenties, and we covered a lot of storylines, according to Paddy.

Everyone thinks about the future as they approach their 30s, and we both planned to relocate abroad.

“They told us the pregnancy storyline was going to be the way we go, and then when that came around, it all kind of fell into place.”

“It felt right,” Sophie continued.

The former River Boy acknowledged, “It was sad, though,” and Sophie concurred, “Yeah, we cried a lot.”

We miss everyone every day, said the blonde beauty. The happiest years of our lives were passed, yet it was time.

According to Paddy, they left the soap opera at the perfect moment, which ensured there was no tragedy and their characters received the happy ending they deserved.

As Sophie added, “There could’ve been tragedy!” he continued, “It was good though to leave where we left the characters was nice because I did feel like if we stayed there longer…”

Paddy cried out, “No one died!” as Sophie continued, “We got a happy ending which was nice for the fans.”

Paddy and Sophie actually met more than ten years ago, despite co-starring together for about six years.

The Australian actors initially met when they attended the same acting school about 12 years ago, but they reconnected when they both ended up in Summer Bay.


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