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Home and Away villain DS Madden plots a murder in sinister scenes

Next week in the UK, Home and Away’s newest antagonist, DS Madden, orders Dana Matheson’s murder in a series of terrible scenes.

The dishonest police investigator, who assisted in framing Dana for drug charges, schemes to get rid of her.

In upcoming scenes on Channel 5, Dana ultimately turns herself in to the police following Madden’s promise to put her sister Harper in jail for helping a criminal.

While Cash Newman, Irene Roberts, and Harper all expect Madden to take Dana to the local police station for an official interview, the couple never show up, leaving the others confused.

Dana is taken to an abandoned cabin by Madden and his dishonest associate Fletcher, where they bind her and imprison her.

While Madden establishes his alibi back at the police station, he gives Fletcher instructions to watch Dana closely. When the time comes to murder Dana, he promises to inform Fletcher.

When Madden returns to work later, he tells falsehoods about Dana escaping from police custody. Then, he texts Fletcher, saying, “Do it now.”


Dana, back in the shack, watches in horror as Fletcher pulls out a syringe. She realises that Fletcher wants to kill her and stage her demise as an overdose.

Dana battles for her life, subduing Fletcher and rendering him unconscious. This gives her some time, but because the hut is still locked, she is unable to flee.

With a fast thought, Dana calls Harper on Fletcher’s phone. Fletcher snatches her from behind and breaks the connection as soon as she manages to get through.

Dana finds solace in the knowledge that the call can be tracked, but Madden comes back and schemes to complete the task.

Will Harper and the others be able to decipher the hints and save Dana in time?


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