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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney gives a dire warning over Irene Roberts’ future

Rose Delaney of Home and Away forecasts jail time for a Summer Bay fave that will air in the UK the following week.

When Rose learns how far Irene Roberts, Cash Newman, and Harper Matheson have gone in an attempt to shield unstable newcomer Dana, she is appalled.

In the upcoming scenes, we witness the arrest of corrupt police officer DS Madden, whose nefarious schemes culminate in a horrifying plan to kidnap and murder Dana.

While the majority of people are just happy that Madden and his accomplice Fletcher have been sent in jail pending trial, Rose opens up to her boyfriend Mali Hudson about her genuine feelings.

Rose becomes caught up in a police effort to free Dana from Madden’s captivity in an abandoned hut, which causes her to be late for her scheduled rendezvous with Mali at Salt.

Rose tells Mali that she’s glad the evil guy got caught when she eventually makes it to the dinner. She continues, saying that she can’t help but feel that there may still be issues for all parties involved.

Rose also has private conversations with those concerned, asking her colleague Cash why he believed it was OK to disobey the regulations.


Although there was an arrest order for Dana, Cash knew that she was staying at Irene’s house with Harper, but he was unable to apprehend her.

Rose thinks there had to be another way to handle this, even though Cash doesn’t apologise for not turning Dana over to dishonest investigators.

In another conversation, Rose warns Irene that there’s a good chance she, Harper, and Cash may face legal action for breaking the law. They could all face jail time if this occurs.

Following their talk, Irene becomes terrified and confides in her friend John Palmer about her concerns about receiving a prison sentence.

After doing some brief investigation, John notes that Irene may receive a maximum sentence of seven years.

John is devoted to Irene and will stop at nothing to help her in spite of this. Will Rose’s cautions prove to be true?


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