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Former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie’s ups and downs in the spotlight

Kate Ritchie, an Australian actress, has always been in the spotlight. When she joined Home and Away at the age of eight, the show’s debut brought her prominence as a child star.

However, quitting the soap opera didn’t mean abandoning her followers. She continued to pursue acting opportunities and broadened her career into radio, but things weren’t always easy in her personal life.

We examine the peaks and valleys of Kate Ritchie’s incredible career here.

Early Achievement
When Kate was chosen to play the young lead in Channel Nine’s miniseries Cyclone Tracy, her potential was immediately apparent. However, it was her subsequent role that thrust her into the spotlight. Shortly before turning nine years old in 1987, Kate began work on a new soap opera based in New South Wales, as Sally Fletcher, Tom and Pippa Fletcher’s foster kid.

“I still recall my mother telling me that I had Sally’s personality. She told the UK magazine All About Soap, “I was really embarrassed, so I didn’t want her to tell anyone.”

Over the years, Australians saw young Sally and Kate, of course, grow up, but they didn’t recognise her for her job until she was playing Sally as an adult.

Level of Notoriety
After portraying Sally Fletcher for nearly two decades, Kate received her first nomination for a Logie Award in 2006.


She received nominations that year for the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television and the Silver Logie Award for Most Popular Actress. She won the Gold in 2007 and 2008 in addition to taking home the Silver Logie in 2006.

In 2007, during her Gold Logie speech, Kate expressed her deep gratitude for the award.

“I’m forever having people come up to me [and] say they have watched me grow up on television,” she stated.

“Just following your gut and doing what you feel is correct is far more fulfilling. This honour implies that I’m doing accordingly.

Going Out and Coming In
Following her 2008 Gold Logie victory, Kate made the decision to let go of Sally Fletcher.

“My decision to leave Home and Away could draw many similarities to breaking up with the boyfriend you just knew you had to,” she stated in the Herald Sun.

“For me, Summer Bay HAS existed. I had a hard time recalling life before I moved there. I was raised there,” she disclosed.

“Sally Fletcher is a girl that I genuinely know.” If only I had recognised sooner that she was actually my best friend—rather than my nemesis or my awkward younger sister who was constantly attempting to ruin my enjoyment.”

She had a little more time to consider the significance of her job on the soap opera to her when she made an appearance on Anh’s Brush With Fame in 2021.

“I had to figure out if I was more than that because I didn’t know where she ended and I began or vice versa,” she said.

“She gave me a sense of accomplishment and purpose, but I believed that the only worthwhile thing I had ever done in my life was while I was her. I didn’t know where I was or how I would manage without her.

In 2008, she also got to know her spouse, rugby league football player Stuart Webb. Mae, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2014 after they were married in 2010.

locating her position
Kate’s life following Sally Fletcher was also rather successful.

Kate made the transition to radio and joined the wildly popular Nova FM breakfast programme.

She was still able to work on TV shows as a presenter and perform in a few acting roles, such as Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, Cops L.A.C., and Mr & Mrs Murder.

She moved to a drive-time position at Nova in 2013, and the programme took home three significant Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs).

Rocky periods
It wasn’t all plain sailing, either. Following a domestic abuse incident in 2019, the police placed an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) against Kate’s spouse.

Stuart was prohibited by the agreement from following, intimidating, abusing, or threatening her, and he was also not allowed to see his wife for 12 hours after abusing alcohol or using illegal substances.

That marked the beginning of the couple’s breakup, which ended in 2020 after ten years of marriage.

Later, she had a brief relationship with businessman John Bell; their age difference attracted notice.

The 2022 season of Australia’s Got Talent, which was shot in June and July of that year, revealed Kate as a new judge.

Then, in August 2022, right before AGT premiered, Kate was pulled over for a random breathalyser test and charged with drunk driving.

She posted, “Recently, I undertook a random breath test,” on Instagram. “The test result was positive even though it was low level.

“I made a bad choice, and I am fully aware of how severe my acts are. I sincerely apologise.

After deciding to take a hiatus from her radio profession, Kate checked herself into a prestigious private mental health clinic in Sydney four months later in order to address her “unhealthy reliance on alcohol”.

“It took a while to arrive. I went to a specialist for the assistance I required. In March of this year, she told the Sunday Telegraph that “sometimes enough is enough.”

Getting back on course
“Over the past few years, life has presented me with challenges, but I am not alone in that,” she continued in the Sunday Telegraph interview.

“I had the good fortune to take my time. She continued, “I feel great about returning to Nova FM and joining Fitzy and Wippa in the morning show because I gained clarity.”

She has also made a comeback to television, starring in the drama series The Claremont Murders on Seven Network. The show is based on the true story of a serial killer in Western Australia.


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