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Home and Away to reveal Theo Poulos’ stalker in surprising scenes

The truth is confirmed.

Spoilers for UK fans of Home and Away are below.

Next week on UK television, Home and Away will reveal the name of Theo Poulos’ stalker.

Recently, the performer has struggled with unwelcome attention from a fan who has sent him gifts and barraged him with messages using the username “I3Theo.”

Theo recently followed Rose Delaney’s guidance, a local police officer, and blocked his online admirer. Unfortunately for Theo, his problems with this person are just getting started.

Ava Gilbert, now portrayed by Annabel Wolfe, the daughter of Justin Morgan, will visit Summer Bay in upcoming episodes of Channel 5.

Ava admits that she adores Lyrik and has a special fondness for Theo. She is obviously crushing on Theo, but everyone thinks it’s nothing serious.

After Ava’s unexpected entrance, Justin finds it difficult to get along with her, so he is perplexed by her apparent determination to remain in the Bay despite their lack of progress.

Once Ava is alone in her room and tapes a picture of herself and Theo into a scrapbook, everything becomes obvious.

As Ava is the “I3Theo” stalker who has been harassing Theo, the book is devoted to him and is packed with photos.

Justin is still trying to get Ava to talk to him, though. Ava’s mother informs him over the phone that the teenager has been corresponding with a guy online, but Ava obstinately declines to discuss it.

Ava becomes upset when she thinks Justin will return her to her mother’s house as quickly as possible.

Only Theo can communicate with Ava, who is still oblivious to her involvement in the gifts and online communications.

Theo’s apparent concern for Ava makes her happy, but she doesn’t realise that he really just wants to be a helpful sibling. Ava misinterprets every indication, so could Theo be in trouble?


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