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Home and Away’s Dean Thompson to face a new challenge as his recovery continues

After struggling to take his freshly renewed romance with Ziggy Astoni to the next level, Dean Thompson of Home and Away will confront another new obstacle in his recovery quest this week.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has been fighting an uphill battle to recuperate from the terrible injuries he incurred in the vehicle accident earlier this summer.

Despite initially pushing Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) away as he sought to hide his agony from her, Australian fans have witnessed the pair grow closer as Ziggy helps her lover through his rehabilitation – but they’re about to confront a new hurdle.

According to TV Week, Ziggy will assist Dean with a rehab session at the gym that quickly gets steamy in scenes set to broadcast this week in Australia and next year in the UK. The pair decides that now is the ideal moment to get their sexual connection back on track, but Dean backs out after a few minutes of passion and walks away to get some fresh air.

Dean expresses his dilemma to doctor Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) after they cross paths. Logan assures him that once he is strong enough to walk a flight of stairs again, he will be ready to take his romance with Ziggy to the next level.

Dean sets right to work on trying to climb a staircase, determined to make this happen. Unfortunately, he passes out after only a few steps, and Ziggy comes to his aid.

Dean tells Ziggy that Logan has set a goal for him to climb a flight of stairs, and that if he achieves that goal, he will be ready to get sexual with her again.

However, following a heart-to-heart, the pair agrees that they should wait until Dean’s next operation before trying again.

However, when the two are left alone in Dean’s hospital room, things rapidly heat up again.

Both Ziggy and Dean begin to question if the proper moment is now, and if they will be able to proceed with taking things to the next level.


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