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Home and Away to introduce Eden Fowler’s brother Levi in Mac health storyline

Next week, on UK television, Eden Fowler’s brother Levi will make his television debut on Home and Away.

The role of Levi, who debuts as part of Mackenzie Booth’s unsettling new health scare plot, has been cast to Tristan Gorey.

In upcoming programmes on Channel 5, Mackenzie is seen being taken to the hospital following what appears to be a heart attack at Salt.

While Bree Cameron leads the effort at Northern Districts Hospital to save Mac’s life and succeeds in reviving her, there are no simple explanations for why the incident occurred.

Soon after, Levi shows up in the hospital and asks to see Bree. He introduces himself as cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Levi Fowler. He aims to deliver Mac the health-related information she much needs.

Dana Matheson says she knows Levi from when they worked at a different hospital. She assures Irene Roberts that Mac is well taken care of.

Levi recommends doing exploratory surgery to determine the precise nature of Mac’s ailment. Mac is anxious, but Levi calms her down with some kind words.

Levi is by Mac’s side the moment she wakes up from surgery. He affirms that her artery was torn, but he was able to fix it.

Harper questions Dana in the interim to find out more about her prior relationship with Dr. Fowler.

Levi used to work at St. Christopher’s Hospital, which Dana explains. She does, however, hope he forgets about her contentious exit, which resulted in her losing her job after being falsely accused of drug crimes.

Dana says that doctors are far too busy to remember specific nurses, so she’s surprised when Levi does.

Dana is reassured by Levi that he doesn’t give a damn about the rumours circulating about her leaving St. Christopher’s and that he thinks she’s doing a fantastic job at Northern Districts.

Eden doesn’t realise that her brother is back in town because Levi is so preoccupied with work at the hospital, but how long will this stay?

These scenes from Home and Away air on Channel 5 on Monday, February 5 and Tuesday, February 6.


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