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Home and Away star Lynne McGranger, 71, reveals her future on the soap as she shares new project

Actress Lynne McGranger, who starred in Home and Away, will soon be seen in the original stage comedy, The Grandparents Club.

The adored 71-year-old actress revealed the news on Monday on The Morning Show, where she also discussed her plans for the enduring Australian soap opera and her new endeavour.

According to the actress, the theatrical production was about returning to her origins.

“I’m returning to my roots, singing and dancing, engaging with the audience. I came from revue-type situations (shows) — from community theatre, all of that,” she remarked.

Although Lynne can hold a tune and belt out a song, she has issued a warning: “I’m no Aretha Franklin.” Lynne will sing during the performance.

McGranger claims to have known radio personality Wendy Harmer since the 1980s, and she wrote the script for the programme.

The actress said that the programme had a specific message and applauded every member of the cast.

“The audience has entered The Grandparents Club, which offers bingo, trivia, a massage, a gym, and a sauna. It’s a method of demeaning what people think of grandparents, she explained.

“Which is obviously old and shaky, but grandparents can actually be climbing Everest or bungee jumping these days in their 40s.”

The actress is the longest-serving female cast member of an Australian TV soap opera, having joined the show in 1993 as “Irene.”

Her debut musical is The Grandparents Club; she had a little part in Legally Blonde: The Musical before that.

Since her last appearance on The Morning Show in September of last year, when she was moved to tears after her daughter Clancy’s wedding, Lynne is no stranger to the show.

When pictures of her daughter wearing her wedding dress appeared on screen, Lynne lost her mind.

“Oh, I’m crying — It was the most amazing day with the most amazing people,” Lynne exclaimed, her voice cracking with passion.

“Clancy’s in-laws are divine, whether they are ours or not. Their friends and family are very special. Everyone was having a great time.

“Everything went as smoothly as silk, and now I have a gorgeous son-in-law named Luke, and they are currently enjoying themselves immensely in Mykonos—apparently along with everyone else in the globe as well.

“And really, today could not have come at a better time.”

Despite being calm on her daughter’s wedding day, Lynne claimed that all of the emotion was now getting to her.

For months before and on the day of the event, she claimed to have carried a boulder-sized amount of tension in her chest the size of Uluru.

Even though it subsided during the day, I believe the margaritas were a contributing factor!

“However, it all faded away when you saw how laid back Clancy was, how amazing her girlfriends and attendants were, how amazing the people (were) at the Byron Bay venue — at The Farm, if I may add that — and how smoothly everything was going.”


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