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Home and Away to air a heartbreaking death storyline

The paramedic shift for Xander goes horribly wrong.

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Next week, Xander Delaney’s tragedy from Home and Away will air on UK television.

When a gang savagely attacks Xander and his partner during his shift as a paramedic, bad things happen.

The thugs assault the ambulance in search of cocaine and treat Xander and his coworker Jamie like trash since they are in their path.

During the assault, Xander loses consciousness; he subsequently regains it in the hospital. Despite his own wounds, Jamie, his ambulance partner, is his only thought.

Rose, Xander’s sister, is compelled to break the heartbreaking news that Jamie passed away there.

Rose tells Xander that she will use every resource at her disposal to find those guilty for Jamie’s killing because she is confident that she can utilise her position in the police to guarantee that justice is done.

Xander needs to have surgery as part of his therapy.

Bree Cameron, a local doctor, won’t leave the hospital until her flatmate and friend have been given the all-clear.

Sadly, Xander’s rehabilitation following surgery is far from painless because he awakens feeling disoriented and baffled.

Xander accidentally kicks Bree in the stomach when he snaps in the heat of the moment.

Remi Carter, who is aware that Bree recently had an abortion, is concerned about this. He is concerned that Xander’s careless aggression may compromise Bree’s ability to recuperate.

When Rose finds out that a patient has been admitted to the hospital after allegedly overdosing on drugs, she is fascinated.

Rose questions whether there might be a connection between this and Xander’s assailants, who may have already sold the drugs they stole.

Rose sneaks in to interview the patient, fusing her duties as a sister and a police officer.

Rose finds the drug dealer using the patient’s phone and lures him into a police operation.

Rose follows the dealer and puts him in custody, happy that he would now be held accountable for his misdeeds. But in light of his colleague’s tragic passing, would this be enough for Xander?


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