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Home and Away teases new character Mercedes in latest trailer

A new character, Mercedes, who is going to upend Summer Bay, is introduced in a new trailer.

The phrase “Hell on wheels” This week, Mercedes (Amali Golden) will appear on the soap opera, and she has her sights set on a particular local.

In the brief video that was posted on Instagram yesterday (May 23), Mercedes enters the frame on her motorbike, accompanied by the voiceover, “Hell on wheels has arrived.”

Theo (Matt Evans), who is taking a shower at the beach, is shown in the trailer watching her take off her helmet.

He notices Mercedes and she adds, “Get a good look?”

It doesn’t take long for viewers to realise that Remi (Adam Rowland), a member of the band Lyrik, and Mercedes have a history.

Mercedes’ bike is parked at the Lyrik home, and bassist Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) is less than pleased to see it there. She says the newcomer has “zero moral compass” and that she doesn’t trust her.

Remi, on the other hand, gives her a warm hug because she is happy to see her. Later, when Mercedes demonstrates her exceptional violin prowess, the two get closer.

Bree (Juliet Godwin), who has been working on her own relationship with Remi, seems to be put on edge by their connection. In the trailer, she can be heard questioning Remi, “How close exactly are you?”

Remi asserts, “Music has always been it, and nothing else.” “You have nothing to be concerned about.”

Will Remi regret saying those remarks after hearing Mercedes’ voiceover in the tape hint that she is “only here for one thing”?

The Australian broadcast of tomorrow, May 25, will have Mercedes riding into Summer Bay.


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