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Home and Away star Sam Frost to be temporarily written out of soap

Sam Frost, star of Home and Away, has confirmed that she will be absent from the screen for a short time, but that she will return.

Beginning January 10, the Summer Bay soap’s production company will require all cast, crew, and presenters to be vaccinated. Frost, who portrays Jasmine Delaney and is now COVID-19 unvaccinated, intends to get completely vaccinated by the end of February.

The star said in a new Instagram Story that her planned absence will only be “temporary,” and that the reason for the immunisation delay is due to a medical procedure she has booked.

Frost informed her fans earlier this week, “I’m not leaving Home & Away.”

“I’ve scheduled a medical operation for January. As a result, I won’t be fully vaccinated until late February. I’ll be written out for a few weeks while Jazzy goes on an off-screen trip, but I’ll be back.”

Frost also commended the show’s producers for their patience.

“My supervisors are fantastic; we’ve been communicating openly for months,” she remarked. “I’m thankful we were able to come up with a solution that works for everyone.”

“To offer the safest possible work environment for cast, crew, and presenters, Seven Productions has made the decision to only engage people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, taking effect in January next year,” a spokeswoman for the network said last week.

“Vaccination is strongly recommended by Seven to safeguard our employees, their coworkers, and their families.”

There are currently no plot details for how Jasmine will be temporarily written out of the storey.


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