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Murder, a chemical attack and hot romances: These are Home and Away’s biggest moments from 2021

Tori and Christian conduct marriage

Tori (Penny McNamee) struggled with her sentiments throughout the beginning of their relationship, which concluded in a wonderful occasion full of joy and love. Christian (Ditch Davey) proposed to his girlfriend after only a few months of dating.

However, a patient called Rachel (Marny Kennedy, below) who was gravely injured in a skydiving accident nearly ruined their journey down the aisle.

Christian pushed Tori away and postponed their big day, believing he was meant to save Rachel.

Rachel died in a devastating twist, forcing Christian to reconsider what was most important to him: Tori. Before opting to go to London with baby Grace, the couple married in a small garden ceremony in front of friends and family.

Martha is abducted by Kieran

When Martha’s (Belinda Giblin) bad boy Kieran (Rick Donald) came in the Bay, he managed to persuade everyone – except his mother – that he’d changed. He abducted her and demanded a ransom when she refused to give him money.

Dean and Ziggy were in love

When Dean was seriously injured, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman, shown below with Dean) realised that her affections for him had never faded. She stopped her connection with Tane (Ethan Browne), but it wasn’t all plain sailing for Dean, who was dismayed and resentful of his sluggish recovery.

Lewis has been identified as a hospital murderer

Lewis (Luke Arnold, top) began killing patients under the doctor’s care in order to exact vengeance on Christian, whom he blames for his wife’s death.
Lewis grabbed Christian, tied him to a stretcher, and prepared to inject him with a fatal cocktail when his plan to ruin Christian failed. Yikes!


Who was it that knocked Susie off her feet?

She was the lovely real estate agent who made a fortune by deceiving others. Someone desired retribution in a unique whodunnit narrative, and Susie’s (Bridie Carter, top, with Shane Withington as John) body was discovered floating in the sea.

Her killing brought several people into the limelight, including Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) – until it was revealed that the perpetrator was a previous victim.

At Salt, there was a chemical assault

A crowded gala is the ideal location for a masked assailant to strike. Tane was witnessed collapsing after an unknown stranger slipped a narcotic into his drink. The figure then surrounded him with a deadly vapour and left him to die.
The vapour, on the other hand, spread through the Surf Club’s vents, sickening everyone! The guests, it’s safe to say, did not have a good time.

Car accident with cliffhanger

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) fled the Bay after his failed attempt to revive his romance with Bella (Courtney Miller). Dean (Patrick O’Connor) swerved to avoid a kangaroo while looking for him. Doctor Logan (Harley Bonner, bottom) managed to extract Dean alive from the wreckage in a classic “cliffhanger” episode.

The downward spiral of Mac

Mac (Emily Weir) turned to alcohol to numb the pain after being dumped by her boyfriend and suffering a tragic miscarriage. As Mac sought to come to terms with his loss and move on, the moments were filled with emotion.

Justin’s drug-addled state

Justin began using heavy painkillers after a major surfing injury in order to prepare for an upcoming competition.

His dependency on the medications, on the other hand, nearly destroyed his relationship with Leah, who pleaded with him to get assistance. Justin confronted anybody who stood in his way until his body went into shock and he fell.

Bella is cheated on by Nikau

When Nikau scored an unexpected modelling job, the possibility of fame and wealth pushed him to places he’d never imagined. But it came at a price: Bella (above) was lost after he cheated on her with a seductive modelling agent.

Matthew is smacked by Chloe

Chloe (Sam Barrett, above) picked up a brick and attacked her aggressive father Matthew (James Sweeny, above) to stop him from harming her mother Mia in the season finale. Is it true that she assassinated him?


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