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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman reveals the one rude and very invasive question she’s sick of being asked

When will Sophie Dillman have a baby?, people keep asking her.

The 30-year-old ex-Home and Away actress claims that she is constantly under pressure from viewers and the media to have a family with her boyfriend and fellow cast member, Patrick O’Connor.

Sophie told Yahoo Lifestyle, “It honestly surprises me how frequently this question comes up, and from whom.”

We have moved past the idea that women belong in the home, I do believe (THINK).

It is clear, however, that society still considers having a child to be the apex of a woman’s life.

When it comes to the “baby question,” Sophie, who met Patrick while they co-starred in the venerable soap opera, called attention to the unfairness.

Because it is still widely believed that men have more to life than simply procreating while women do not, she asserted that Paddy would never be asked that interview question without her present.

Sophie considers the question to be incredibly intrusive, despite the fact that she respects the interest in her life and wellbeing.

What if I was having trouble becoming pregnant? Suppose I didn’t want to have kids? She questioned, “How are you supposed to tell complete strangers or journalists those things without being affected?”

She said, “I’m not ready to be a mother yet, and when she decides to have a child is ‘nobody’s business’.”

Recently, Sophie explained how her on-screen romance with Patrick developed into a real-life relationship.

On the soap opera, Sophie played Ziggy Astoni, and one of the key plotlines for her character involved her relationship with Dean Thompson, who was portrayed by Patrick.

The couple departed the serial opera earlier this year, but their real-life romance grew stronger as they relocated to the UK together.

She explained how their on-screen romance caused them to fall in love in real life.

According to her, working-related kissing “feels no different from sending an email.”

That is, until she kissed Patrick, at which point she gradually discovered that her emotions were genuine and not just pretending.

‘Slowly sparks started flying and the laughter got louder, and also more intimate,’ Sophie penned in a Yahoo! piece.Both Sophie and Patrick were falling, as well as Ziggy and Dean.

There were a few butterflies in my stomach even with the onlookers and the sweat running down my back, “I remember the exact moment that it stopped feeling like I was kissing a colleague.”


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