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Home and Away star Sam Frost, 32, reveals she’s ‘happier than ever’ thanks to her new romance with her younger brother’s friend – after her split from Jay Bruno

Sam Frost has opened up about her new relationship with her brother Alex’s best friend.

The 32-year-old former Home and Away actress said she’s’really happy’ with her new boyfriend.

After her breakup from Jay Bruno, who participated on Australian Survivor and Instant Hotel, she has found new love.

‘I’m seeing someone, and it’s a lot of fun, and I’m really happy,’ Sam told The Herald Sun.

‘I consider myself really fortunate to have met him at such a pivotal point in my life.’

Because the mystery man is her brother’s friend, Sam claims he’s already close to her family, and Alex gives him a ‘click of approval.’

‘My brother speaks well of him, and he’s a good judge of character, and he’s given his approval, so I’m satisfied,’ Sam remarked.

‘Yeah, look…’ the blonde beauty admitted on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa on Tuesday about her new flame. ‘I’m going out with someone.’

‘I met him… he’s a friend of my brother,’ she explained.

Alex, Sam’s younger brother, was a contestant on Australian Survivor this year.

“So, is he single or what?” I asked my brother when I called him. He says things like, “Oh, don’t be so strange… That’s really humiliating, “‘She went on to say.

Fitzy then inquired as to whether her new boyfriend was the same age as her brother, to which she replied, “He’s younger!”

Sam’s most recent known romance was with Jay, the star of the Instant Hotel.

According to Emerald City, they apparently moved in together during Sydney’s Covid lockdown, but had split by November last year.

‘They are still close, Jay just resides in Melbourne and she is still in Sydney for work,’ said a Sam spokesperson at the time.

Her previous relationship before dating Jay was with naval diver Dave Bashford.


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