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Home and Away confirms Eden and Remi’s fate in Australian Season Return

Home and Away has confirmed the fates of Eden and Remi, after their lives were in danger in the 2023 Season Finale.

When Home and Away’s final episodes of 2023 aired on Australian screens in November, it appeared that Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) was dead, and Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) was soon to suffer the same fate.

On her way to the bush to save Eden, who was having a terrible time camping with her boyfriend Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Remi had been struck by a car. Eden changed her mind and tried to call him again later, but it was too late. Eden had called him to come get her.

As Remi turned the corner, he collided with a car being driven by two men, Mickey (Travis Jeffrey) and Wes (Josh McConville), who were preoccupied and failed to see Remi in time. They crashed into him, sending his motorcycle flying along with him.

Believing he was dead, they dug a pit a few meters from Cash and Eden’s campground and loaded Remi’s body into the back of their car.

Eden came upon the couple while responding to the nighttime call of nature. She was struck over the head and forced into the same vehicle, where she discovered Remi’s lifeless body beside her..

On Monday, January 8, as the season returned to Australia, Eden was stranded in the boys’ home as they tried to figure out what to do next.

Remi moaned and shifted slightly while they were removing his body from the car, despite Wes’s insistence that they start digging a second grave. After all, he was still alive!

Fearing for their lives, they fled back into the home, where Eden was informed of the good news. Amazingly, she persuaded them to release Remi since it was obvious that he was too disoriented to ever recognize them.

Before phoning an ambulance, Micky, who was obviously the more understanding of the two and sincerely wanted Wes to make the right decision, dropped Remi down at the side of a neighboring road. When the ambos came, they immediately rushed him to the Northern Districts Hospital in order to receive emergency care.

When her partner was wheeled in front of Bree (Juliet Godwin) at the close of the first episode of 2024, she was taken aback.

Bree was going to take Remi to CT in Tuesday’s episode when Summer Bay’s newest physician, cardiothoracic surgeon Levi (Tristan Gorey), intervened and requested an urgent ultrasound.

He discovered a build-up of fluid around the heart called a cardiac effusion and alerted Bree to the possibility of a cardiac arrest.

Bree begged them to wait until Levi had a complete set of scans before opening him up, but Levi demanded that they do so immediately. Bree was just too emotionally connected, Levi said, and she wouldn’t be saying this if it were any other patient. Levi disregarded her.

Remi thankfully pulled through, although Levi explained that while he was stable, he still had a long way to do.

Bree accused him of being reckless and arrogant. She was furious with Levi for performing such a risky procedure – one which doesn’t have a great survival rate – without more scans. Is a huge Bree and Levi feud on the way?

Back at the bad guys’ house and Eden was desperately trying to convince the guys to let her go

She heard Wes say that they had to get rid of her since she was familiar with their identities and faces. Wes said, “Not if she’s not found, it won’t,” in response to Micky’s insistence that it would be murder. They then decided to “do it” first thing the next morning.

Cash, meantime, was attempting to determine how Remi’s lack of a motorcycle and Eden’s abduction were related.

Cash occurred to notice that Dana (Ali Harris) was carrying a bag containing Remi’s items as she was leaving the hospital; this indicated that the two had crossed paths at some point after Remi vanished. After that, Cash and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) went to the location where Remi was discovered, but they saw nothing.

Rose recommended that they go to a neighboring garage to check whether they had any CCTV, and this proved beneficial when they discovered that at the time of the 000 call, only one automobile had passed the servo. After getting its address, they quickly made their way to the men’ residence.

At the house, the men were preparing to bundle Eden back into the car to meet her fate. Eden made a brief attempt to escape in an opportune moment, and managed to punch Wes in the stomach just as Cash and Eden drove around the corner to the remote house.

Cash quickly apprehended Wes, as Rose cuffed Micky. Later, back in Summer Bay, it was confirmed that the pair were behind bars, though Eden would need to go in and make a statement.

Is this the last we’ll see of the two guys, and will Micky face the same fate, despite his efforts to free Remi and Eden?

Everything seemed to be resolving itself as Eden headed to Northern Districts Hospital alongside Cash, where they payed Remi a visit.

However, in the final few moments of Tuesday’s episode, as Eden went to head for a shower, she collapsed in Cash’s arms. Is her drama really over?


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