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Home and Away star Nicholas Cartwright explains Cash’s role in Jasmine plot

Nicholas Cartwright, who plays Cash Newman on Home and Away, spoke to Digital Spy about his character’s attempts to mediate between Jasmine Delaney and her long-lost brothers.

On UK screens this month, Jasmine’s life was flipped upside down when Xander and Rose Delaney arrived in Summer Bay and identified themselves as her family.

Despite her initial opposition to the couple, Jasmine has agreed to give them a chance. This is largely due to her partner Cash’s encouragement to not pass up the chance to have a brother and sister in her life.

The unpleasant dynamic will continue in upcoming episodes on Channel 5, as Jasmine struggles with knowing that Xander and Rose had such a good relationship with their father Alexander.

Alexander, who passed away recently, abandoned Jasmine when she was six years old and never saw her again.

“Cash feels okay about Xander and Rose being in the Bay,” Nicholas told Digital Spy of the developing storyline. He recognises the situation for what it is: a hugely beneficial development in Jasmine’s life.

“I believe he recognises that, despite her denial and refusal to talk about it, she longs to connect with her father in some manner, and this is her chance.”

“When she objects to the situation, Cash actually wants her to do the exact opposite and invest in it, so he patiently talks her into it and persuades her to try it.”

When asked if Cash understands Jasmine’s hesitation, Nicholas said, “Oh god, yes!” Especially considering how Jasmine’s father abandoned her – he dropped her off at school one day and never returned. There has been a lot of trauma buried for years.

“In a way, Jasmine and Cash would have assumed she’d dealt with it and was fine, but when it’s right in front of her, I think anyone could understand why that may be a little overwhelming.”

Late last year, Luke Van Os and Kirsty Marillier began filming in the roles of Xander and Rose on Home and Away.

“Welcoming them in was amazing,” Nicholas continued. Nothing makes us happier than new cast members on Home and Away. We’ve all been there, including me, who recently went from having no television experience to working seven days a week.

“We all understand the stress and responsibility of carrying the reputation of a programme like Home and Away and being a part of an ensemble cast with these incredible Australian actors.” When new people arrive, we want to shower them with love!

“Kirsty and Luke came in with a bang – I’ve worked with them both a lot and we’re all great friends, so I couldn’t be happier to be working with them both.”


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