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Home and Away’s Marilyn Chambers is terrorised by a skincare range in new story

“Their tactics are sophisticated.”

There are spoilers for the Australian episodes of Home and Away that aired on May 18; some UK viewers might want to avoid them.

Marilyn Chambers’ ongoing narrative in Home and Away has taken a dark turn, with shady skincare business Stunning Organics apparently sending her frightening threats.

After making the courageous choice to speak out in a public interview about the dishonest firm, Marilyn has been left terrified for her safety.

Marilyn signed up to be a brand ambassador for Stunning Organics earlier this year because she needed some additional money for her foster son Jett James’ approaching wedding.

When Roo Stewart experienced an allergic response to one of the items, the collaboration with Stunning Organics soured.

When Marilyn discovered that she was bound by a difficult contract and that Stunning Organics deliveries would continue for several more months, things only became worse.

Marilyn also discovered that the business has previously surfaced under different names once its dishonest practises were revealed.

Marilyn eventually managed to get herself out of the agreement, but she went one step further by opening up about her experience in a newspaper interview. She thought that by speaking up, others who had been singled out by the company would benefit.

Marilyn afterwards received a disturbing phone message from a disembodied voice, suggesting that this appeared to have incensed some dangerous persons in the corporate sector.

You have been advised to keep your mouth shut, the warning said. You’re going to pay for it right now. You and your friends ought to be on the lookout.

Marilyn reported the worrying threat to the police, but Rose Delaney discovered that it had been made by a bogus number that was hard to track.

The caller ID was tampered with, so the number Marilyn saw wasn’t the one that had contacted her, Rose informed her.

“It indicates that someone is going to considerable measures and using cunning strategies to conceal who they are. We are investigating additional options to track the call.

Irene Roberts’ home was chosen by Marilyn as a safe haven. Irene is now out of town, so the house is unoccupied.

Marilyn’s unidentified assailant, however, quickly retaliated by hurling a brick through the window and leaving a note advising her not to conduct any more interviews. What level of risk is Marilyn facing?

In July, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.


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