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Home and Away star Jacqui Purvis explains Felicity’s struggle over Kahu

A new figure causing havoc on Tane and Felicity’s domestic tranquility will be introduced in Neighbours.

While the newlyweds are currently taking advantage of their extended honeymoon period, it appears that Tane’s cousin Kahu’s unannounced arrival in Summer Bay may cause some disruption.

“Flick likes Kahu but wonders why he’s here and how long he’s staying,” actress Jacqui Purvis remarked to TV WEEK.

She doesn’t want anyone to snatch her love away because they are still in the honeymoon stage.

The endearing surfer Kahu, played by Jordi Webber, appears to want to stay and asks Tane for a position at the gym.

In scenes that will air this week in Australia and in June on Channel 5, Tane offers his cousin Kahu a temporary position but quickly learns that Kahu lacks any credentials. Tane is put in a terrible situation, which could lead to major consequences.

“Kahu hasn’t quite learned the value of honesty, working hard, and trust,” Webber said of his persona.

As for Purvis, the soap star has weighed in on starring opposite her now on-screen husband Ethan Browne, who plays Tane.

“I love working with Ethan,” she said.

“He’s been on this journey with me since day dot. He’s really good to me and puts up with all my nonsense.”

Will Felicity be on board with having Kahu around?


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