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Home and Away reveals first look as new character Elandra arrives

Spoilers for UK viewers of “Home and Away” are below.

Elandra, a new character, will put Mali on the spot when she visits Summer Bay.

The newcomer, played by Rarriwuy Hick, arrives at the bay for a sibling reunion and finds her brother Mali in bed with Rose in scenes that have already shown in Australia.

Even though they agreed to go slowly, Rose finds herself lured back to Mali, and the two spend the night in his caravan. Elandra subsequently interrupts them by knocking on the door of the caravan and asking her brother for an explanation.

As Rose listens, she claims that he moved to Summer Bay “for some woman” as she waits for the pavement to give way and swallow her whole.

Mali’s origins in Summer Bay have made Elandra question him, and she has no intention of letting him off the hook. She also extends a lunch invitation to Rose and quickly clicks with the direct-talking, no-nonsense individual.

Elandra gives Rose a thumbs up and decides to support Mali’s choice to relocate to the bay.

Now that things are more amicable between the two siblings, Mali has one last thing to think about before he can relax: telling his mother.

Will he have enough guts to tell her?


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