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Neighbours releases early February spoilers in tragedy aftermath

As the residents of Ramsay Street deal with the fallout from a tragedy, Neighbours has revealed spoilers and images for the first two weeks of February.

The idyllic holiday that is supposed to happen to the people of Ramsay Street next week is going to become tragic.

The friends and family of one of our favourite regular characters will never be the same, and the character won’t return home.

Eden Shaw (Costa D’Angelo) and Veronica McLain (Ellen Grimshaw) were both mentioned in a new trailer that was released on Monday. However, the specific identity of the person responsible for the terrible death won’t be made public until the episodes air.

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We can now see the aftermath of the tragedy as the people of Erinsborough come to terms with their loss thanks to fresh spoilers and images for the first two weeks of February.

But the threat hasn’t passed yet. After being released from prison, Eden returns to Ramsay Street where images of him holding Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) captive reveal him seeking retribution.

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He is spotted in No. 28’s living room wielding a knife before tying Melanie to a chair.

Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will) and several other police officers are outside on the street, strategizing their next course of action. As Melanie’s friends observe, Toadie can be seen growing impatient with the length of time it’s taking the cops to free his ex-wife from Eden’s grasp.

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In less than a week, will Melanie manage to get away, or are we going to have to bid farewell to another prominent character?

Melanie is still alive and well, thanks to the images from Wednesday’s programme, but there will be more surprises soon.

Photos show Melanie and Toadie camped out on different sofas in the No. 28 living room, afraid for their safety and not wanting to be alone. This is their first night together since Melanie abandoned Toadie and the children a year ago.

Is there a danger that the former spouse will become overly intimate after Melanie’s near-death encounter?

According to spoilers for that episode, Terese approaches Melanie after realising she can no longer keep quiet.

Will Mel agree to back down, or are we in for a spectacular showdown?

But in February, Terese is also up to no good, and Toadie eventually finds out about her “betrayal” in relation to Paul Robinson.

Another mystery awaits us with Sadie (Emerald Chan), who discovers a terrible secret that she and Paul decide to keep hidden.

In another scene, Chelsea Murphy (Viva Bianca), a recent arrival, is seen opening a filing cabinet and planning her next move. On whom is she searching for dirt?

Given that she plans to get intimate with Paul in the upcoming weeks, we assume it has something to do with him.

Chelsea moved to Erinsborough recently in an attempt to attract investors to her struggling cosmetics company.

Paul will decline her offer to invest in her company next week, and it appears Chelsea believes she can convince him otherwise by getting into his underwear.

She manipulates him and takes advantage of a man who is at the bottom of the world.

What exactly is she planning?

Here are all of the images and spoilers for the exciting next two weeks:

Monday, February 5th (Episode 8984 / 81): The people living on Ramsay Street accept their loss.

Terese makes an effort to console a distraught Erinsborough resident.

Eden’s threat is still very much present.

February 6th, Tuesday (Episode 8985 / 82)
Ramsay Street comes to a halt due to a hostage scenario, and Eden’s reign of terror continues.

Paul fights the devil.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Toadie assumes leadership.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

On Wednesday, February 7th (Episode 8986 / 83), Teresa decides to confront.

Chelsea takes a further action.

When he discovers how to help Mackenzie, Haz goes above and above.

On Thursday, February 8th (Episode 8987 / 84), Chelsea shows support to the bereaved family.

Paul’s rage finds a new home as he reflects it upon Krista.

For the time being, Toadie and Terese work through their “ex” problems.

On Monday, February 12th (Episode 8988 / 85), Sadie reveals a terrible secret.

Chelsea extends an olive branch but still gets her way.

Krista discovers safety in an unexpected place.

Tuesday, February 13 (Episode 8989–86): Ramsey Street laments the loss of a cherished neighbour.

Sadie and Paul are hiding a horrible secret.

Plans by Chelsea are foiled.

Krista’s deed of kindness has disastrous results.

February 14th, Wednesday, (Episode 8990 / 87)
The neighbours recoil in alarm at a shocking admission.

Is Terese going to let Toadie know about Paul?

Chelsea moves when she spots a chance.

Thursday, February 15th (Episode 8991 / 88): Teadie learns about Terese’s treachery.

Chelsea subtly infiltrates Paul’s life.

Paul’s situation is dire.

Melanie shares a profound admission.

A tragic catastrophe shakes the people of Ramsay Street.


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