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Home and Away Spoilers – Vita Nova make final attempt on Justin’s life

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Vita Nova make one final attempt on Justin’s life from within Northern Districts Hospital – will they succeed?

Next week, after he overcame all obstacles and pulled through from the verge of death in the previous episodes, Justin (James Stewart) will have to confront another attempt on his life!

After being ambushed and left for dead in an abandoned warehouse by members of Vita Nova, the cult he’d made enemies with last year after saving teen Andrew (Joshua Hewson), Justin has been in Northern Districts Hospital for the past few weeks, accruing loyalty points for the nights stayed.

After their leader Margot (Mandy McElhinney) was arrested, the police had told Justin that the cult had broken up, but in a shocking turn of events, it came out that they had been mistaken.

Bree informed Leah that Justin’s heart function had deteriorated and that it was doubtful that he would live after being compelled to undergo emergency surgery.

Justin crashed and saw a vision of his own burial, where Leah’s tears that he had given up suddenly gave Justin the strength he needed to fight for his life. Leah and Theo (Matt Evans) were getting ready for what seemed to be the inevitable.

After emerging from his coma, Justin recovered swiftly. The next week, he is transferred from the intensive care unit to a regular ward, where he is greeted by an orderly named Jordan (Jack Angwin).

Justin and Leah don’t seem to be concerned about the hospital staff member who has been given a name and dialogue, but Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is worried about the absence of police outside Justin’s new room after he had round-the-clock protection on the ICU.

Cash questions Rose (Kirsty Marillier), who feels that a guard should be present as well, but she reminds him that she is not allowed to discuss a case with a civilian, which Cash is at the moment due to his suspension from the force.

Rose promises Leah that she will call Sarge to inquire about the police guard before heading to the hospital to get Justin’s statement regarding the kidnapping.

After a short while, Jordan calls an unidentified person and inquires as to whether it is appropriate for him to approach Justin now that there hasn’t been a police officer outside his room all afternoon.

Upon Simon Debono’s arrival at the hospital, Jordan strikes up a cordial chat with the policeman. The cop is going to eat from the vending machine and bemoans the fact that he was brought in on his day off, but Jordan reminds him that he can help himself to some tea and sandwiches in the staff lounge.

Jordan seizes the opportunity when the policeman leaves the room for a little while, and he stealthily takes the call button from Justin’s sleeping side while raising a pillow in preparation to suffocate him. but is then cut off by Theo, who is not expecting it.

The room is soon full, with Theo having brought the rest of Lyrik with him, who explain to Justin that they’re in need of a manager now that they’re officially back together.

Another opportunity doesn’t present itself to Jordan until Leah explains to Justin that she’s missing Alf’s celebration to stay with him, not wishing to leave his side whilst Vita Nova are still at large.

After hearing, Jordan informs Leah that he will be working all evening and would be pleased to watch Justin. Leah only needs to persuade Justin that she should be there for Alf and that’s all the persuading she needs to leave him in the care of the compassionate orderly.

Leah receives some cake from Xander (Luke Van Os) to send back to Justin later that evening as she gets ready to depart Salt. She informs Bree that she might offer some to Jordan as a thank you.

“Who’s Jordan?” It seems like Bree has never heard of him, so she asks. Rose quickly notices and inquires as to if there are many people coming and going. Bree responds by telling Rose that she can typically connect a face to a name.

For Rose and Leah, alarm bells start ringing, and they decide to head back to the hospital.

Back in Yabbie Creek, Jordan enters Justin’s hospital room after the police guard (Drew Wilson) steps away for a moment, taking the call button and his phone away. Justin is confused for a moment, before Jordan lifts a pillow and utters Vita Nova’s mantra, ‘The End is Near’.

As it suddenly dawns on Justin who Jordan really is, Jordan attempts to force the pillow over Justin’s face.

When Leah, Rose, and a hospital security guard named Johnny Cordukes arrive, Justin is on the ground in a heap, and the police guard is comatose not far away. Breathlessly, Justin reveals that Jordan had knocked him out before to his escape, but was halted by the guard’s return.

Jordan hasn’t got far though. As the police lock down the hospital, Jordan is changing his clothes in one of the storerooms.

Ducking out and making his way to the lift, he’s spotted by Leah who points him out to Rose. Rose and another officer quickly dive in and make their arrest.

Will the police finally be able to shut down Vita Nova once and for all?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Felicity’s world comes crashing down once again as husband Tane discovers her deception.

Despite having married Felicity knowing that she wouldn’t want children, Tane had been hoping she would change her mind—just as she did with the idea of marriage.

Tane struggled to hide his disappointment when Flick told him that wouldn’t be the case though. Despite Tane’s assurances that it was fine, Flick worried that it could become a dealbreaker mere months into their married life, and so decided to tell Tane that they could try for a baby after all.

The couple have been working on their bedroom skills ever since, but little did Tane realise that Flick was secretly still taking the pill, having hidden them away in the storeroom at Salt.

Flick’s hiding place was soon busted when Salt co-owner Mackenzie (Emily Weir) returned from her trip to Queensland. Having just heard about their planned baby and seeing how happy it made Tane, Mac was outraged to realise what Flick was up to.

Flick stated that she just needed a bit more time to get her head around trying for a baby, but Mac warned her that she needed to come clean to Tane.

Next week, Mac is happy to see Tane and Flick all loved-up outside the surf club, figuring that the two have sorted out their differences. But when Flick’s face falls as she spots Mac, it becomes all too obvious that Flick has not yet told Tane the truth.

Tane is quick to notice the tension between the two ladies. He goes to Mac, figuring the issue is related to Flick becoming pregnant potentially affecting the business, but Mac denies that is the case.Fed up of being trapped in the middle, Mac later delivers Flick an ultimatumEither you tell Tane the truth, or I will.

When Flick tries to bring up the topic with Tane, asking what would happen if she didn’t get pregnant, Tane dismisses her worries and tells her to be more upbeat.

After Flick starts to cry, Tane notices that she’s stressed out and tells her he will let Mac know that she’s taking the day off.

Tane understands right away that Flick isn’t going to tell him the truth about what’s going on when he tells him not to talk to Mac about her.

Tane goes back to Salt and insists that Mac tell him what’s happening, but all she can say is that Flick should be the one to be honest with him and that it’s not her place to say that.

After taking her medicine, Flick leaves the bathroom as Tane arrives home once more, prepared to question his wife. She is acting evasively, and he finds it strange that she won’t take her handbag off her sight.

Flick asks him if he wants her to continue, scoffing at the notion that she is hiding something as she begins taking things out of her bag. But Flick realizes she’s in a tight spot when Tane calls her bluff.

Please don’t make me do this,” she asks Tane, who remains silent.

Please don’t make me do this,” she asks Tane, who remains silent.

Flick reluctantly tips the contents of her bag onto the table, and her pack of pills promptly fall out.

With the truth now out, will a devastated Tane ever be able to forgive her?


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