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Home and Away spoiler: Dana is kidnapped by DS Madden

Irene questions Dana and Harper. Cash attests to their innocence, but he also says that Irene is breaching the law if she keeps Dana in her care. But if she decides to hand Dana over to the police, Dana will go to prison for a crime she did not commit.

Irene says goodbye to her new roommates and says she doesn’t want anything to change, even if it means breaking the law, because her house has always been a haven for those in need.

Detective Madden plots with another dishonest police officer, Fletcher, who has been watching Cash. After obtaining the necessary warrant, they storm into Irene’s home and take Harper into custody. Dana makes the decision to come out as she won’t allow anything to happen to her sister.

The dishonest cops don’t take long to abduct Dana. They are shocked to learn that Detective Madden, Fletcher, and Dana never showed up when Harper, Irene, and Cash all gather at the station to intercept. Dana has been taken somewhere.

Meanwhile, Kirby’s enthusiastic preparations for her solo debut are marred by her encounter with Remi and Eden, and she now believes that flawless execution is even more crucial. She gets Forrest to agree to allow her to discuss her ideas with the label, even though he has already planned the album picture shoot.

Kirby’s proposals are rejected, and the machine of which she is now a part will function without her contribution. Kirby finds it difficult to believe Forrest when he says she must trust him. She tells Justin that she doesn’t share the label’s concept at all. To make this arrangement work, she will need to change the way she thinks.

Tane is still trying to get Felicity to buy them a piece of land in New Zealand in another scene. He has everything planned out. Right now, there’s a fantastic plot of land available, it fits in their budget, and it’s a significant choice for him because it’s the ideal location.


After giving it some thought, Felicity concludes that Tane’s relationship to the location has altered her own perception of what home is. She can envision herself living in New Zealand if that’s where he is today, and wherever he is, that’s home.


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