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Home and Away Spoilers – Leah tells Justin that it’s over

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Leah keeps her return to Summer Bay a secret from Justin. When he finally catches up with her, she deals him a devastating blow…

When Leah (Ada Nicodemou) returns to Summer Bay following a few weeks at a mental health clinic, Justin (James Stewart) expected to be thrilled, but it’s not looking like the pleasant reunion he’d planned for.

Leah had had a difficult time getting over her shock when Justin nearly died during their adventure at the hands of Vita Nova, where they had been held captive in a warehouse. Leah’s mental state deteriorated since she was unable to sleep and was having nightmares about seeing Justin die all the time.

When Leah fell asleep at the wheel and ran a red light, resulting in an accident, she was forced to acknowledge that she had problems, but she would not visit a doctor about it. Rather, she informed Justin that she wanted to put off their wedding because she thought it could help to relieve some of the stress.

However, Leah kept drinking coffee to stay awake, and while she accused Justin of gaslighting her in order to get her to get professional treatment, their tension only grew.

After attempting to report Justin to Rose (Kirsty Marillier), Leah’s paranoia took hold and she began to suspect that she was also involved. Justin was, she believed, working with Vita Nova.

Leah barricaded herself in the diner and ended up holding Justin at knifepoint when he forced his way in to help her. It was down to Bree (Juliet Godwin) to talk Leah down, who convinced her to return home with her whilst Justin stayed with Theo at the Lyrik house.

Leah was considerably more lucid the next morning after some rest, and was frightened as she started to recollect what had happened. Bree volunteered to get Leah evaluated psychologically and stated that the trauma and lack of sleep were probably causing her to be experiencing a psychotic episode.

Leah refused however, as she already knew that she needed help. She could have hurt the man she loved.

As a result, Bree booked her straight in for an intensive programme at a mental health clinic. There was no fixed amount of time that Leah could be away for, but Bree warned it could be a few weeks.

Justin has struggled after being told he wouldn’t be allowed any contact with Leah during that time, so was upset to learn last week that Marilyn (Emily Symons) had not only managed to write to Leah, but that she’d also received a reply.

Justin was straight on the phone to the clinic, but they refused to let him talk to her. Alf (Ray Meagher) instead suggested that Justin write her his own letter.

Leah phones Marilyn this week to let her know that although she’s getting out of the clinic, she doesn’t want to go back to Justin’s house. Instead, she asks whether she can stay at Summer Bay House, and what’s more, she wants it to be kept a secret from Justin.

Leah is still quite cautious,” Ada Nicodemou told TV Week. “She can’t go back to that house, because that’s where the nightmares began. She also pulled a knife on the man she loves. Until she’s completely healed, she doesn’t trust herself in his presence.

Given that Alf has been supporting Justin through this time, he can’t help but feel bad for keeping the truth from him, and eventually comes clean to him in the surf club. Although Alf implores Justin to not visit her, Justin can’t help but head straight over to Summer Bay House.

Justin pines for Leah and thinks about her non-stop,” James Stewart added. “He understands, but her psychosis has caused him great distress.

When Justin turns up at the door, Leah is angry at both him and Alf for going against her wishes, but allows him inside to talk.

Leah tells Justin about her experience at the clinic and says she has to take things carefully while they converse over coffee. Despite this, Justin begs Leah to go back home, telling her that they can still resolve their differences.

Leah eventually reaches her breaking point due to Justin’s persistence, at which point she yells, “There is no us!”

Will Justin be prepared to wait for Leah given that it appears she won’t want to be with him until she feels better?

Also this week, Tane’s (Ethan Browne) attempt to move on from estranged wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) leads to him planting a kiss on Harper (Jessica Redmayne).

Both Tane and Flick were struggling with the attraction between them during the Salt by the Sea fundraiser event, and Flick appeared to be hopeful that there could be at least some chance of the pair salvaging their marriage.

So when Flick saw Tane laughing and joking with Harper during the fundraiser, she made a hasty exit.

Noticing her heading up to Salt, Tane followed and asked if everything was okay.

Flick was conflicted, explaining that she was trying her best to move on and be okay with things like he was, but his complimenting her earlier and now checking up on her was sending out mixed messages.

Tane assured Flick that he still cared about her, and admitted that he wasn’t dealing with things anywhere as well as she thinks he is.“I’m so far from okay,” Tane told her, leaving Flick wondering as to what this could mean.

Sadly for Flick, it appears that Tane still feels the same way about their relationship, as the preview for tonight’s show shows Flick crying as she leaves the surf club and Tane chasing after her.

Harper is the first person Flick encounters outside, which only makes Flick angrier.

Oh of course you’re here, that’s just perfect,” Flick tells her, before retreating in the opposite direction leading Harper, Xander (Luke Van Os) and Theo (Matt Evans) to wonder what was going on.

As they converse in Salt, Harper tells Xander, “She’s not exactly taken a shine to me,” and he reminds her that things are really intense for Flick because of her marriage dissolving.

Tane tells Harper that he thinks he and Flick have come to some sort of resolution as Flick is seen gazing at her wedding picture. Harper is happy with this because she appreciates his friendship and doesn’t want to be the source of any problems.

But Tane clearly misreads the situation when he then leans in and plants a kiss on Harper.

“What…what are you doing?” Harper exclaims as she pulls away, before walking off.

Has Tane ruined his friendship with Harper already?


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