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Home and Away Spoilers – Tex derails Flick and Tane’s wedding

Felicity’s hesitation could put her and Tane’s wedding at risk the next week on Home and Away in the UK, but the bikie gang’s appearance will be the reason things go horribly wrong.

The last preparations for Tane’s (Ethan Browne) and Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) wedding, which will take place in episodes that made up the 2022 season finale in Australia back in November, will start next week.

The Death Adder Motorcycle Club, who had promised to kill neighbourhood cop Cash Newman, are also due to arrive on Saxon Avenue in addition to the Parata whnau (Nicholas Cartwright).

Tane was the target of the bikies’ initial intrusion into the Parata home back in July. They were after him because they wanted to reclaim the money that his late brother Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) had taken over a decade ago.

Ari and Mia (Anna Samson) had used the funds to acquire the gym, and the bikies’ sergeant-at-arms Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan) wanted to make sure they received their earnings by using the company as a means of money laundering.

Following a subsequent police raid on their headquarters, Cash shot and killed the gang’s boss Marty (Ben Wood), and subsequent surveillance of other bikies has shown that Cash now has a $10,000 bounty on his head.

Returning to the following week, the whanau, including returning cousin Kiri (David Wikaira-Paul), start the process of digging the pit for one of the renowned Parata hangis with just one day left before the big day.

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who assisted Flick in translating her vows to Te Reo Mori as a wedding ceremony surprise for Tane, asks her if she needs one last practise, but Flick is very sure she has them down pat at this point.

Tane is intrigued by Nik, and when he leaves quickly as Tane draws near, Tane assumes the two are up to something. Flick is not about to reveal anything, though.

Now, Flick is once more sidetracked by the continuous conflict between Cash and her best friend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo). When Eden finally confessed her love for Cash, who has subsequently distanced himself from her, her mind has been spinning.

Eden cries out to Cash about his stone-cold silence, but he can’t bring himself to answer her, so she storms off.

Later, when Cash finds Eden on the beach, Flick is irritated by his protracted hesitation and cautions him that Eden won’t wait around for long.

When Flick learns that her foster father Gary (Peter Phelps) has returned to the bay and is prepared to drive her to the wedding, the situation becomes more upbeat.

After Flick distanced herself from him as a teenager because she felt bad about how she treated him and his late wife Katherine when they took the Newman children in after their father’s passing, the two have only recently resumed conversing.

It is now time for Cash to share his major surprise with Flick and Cash’s late father, Anthony. One evening, Cash arrives in their dad’s ute and tells Flick that it is her wedding car as she departs to be with Eden.

It’s quite cool, and Flick is ready to remark that it resembles Anthony’s old ute. when she realises at once that it is actually the identical one.

Flick is in awe of what Cash and Gary have accomplished and remarks that it will seem like her father is with her. She hasn’t seen it since she was nine years old.

One night, after slipping back home to discuss some last-minute jitters with Cash, Flick can’t help but again be in awe of the ute.

She is unaware that someone is hiding in the shadows, though.

As Flick heads off, the stranger, Lloyd (Oliver Ackland), calls Tex to let him know he’s found the ute and that he’s ready to do the job. He then goes on to cut the brake line while crawling beneath!

Excellent day for a wedding! John watches as Mackenzie (Emily Weir) surprised the bride-to-be the following morning with a special brunch prepared by Salt.

Gary couldn’t be more proud as Flick emerges in her dress, and it’s all hands on deck as Eden and Flick make their final preparations.

The cherry on top is provided by Cash, who gives Flick her mother’s favourite necklace that he recently repaired after discovering it while working on the truck.

It should be a wonderful moment when Cash places the necklace around Flick’s neck because both of their parents will be present at the wedding in some capacity.

Yet as Flick’s neck starts to tighten and her past worries about getting married resurface, she is soon overcome by a surge of dread.

Flick abruptly reveals that the wedding has been called off as she enters a full-blown anxiety attack and locks herself in Eden’s room.

Cash tries to reason with her, but it’s fruitless because Flick seems to have made up her decision. Cash refuses to tell her to notify Tane the wedding is off… He will back her if that is what she truly wants, but she will have to deal with Tane on her own.

The visitors have begun to arrive at the charming location, and they are eager to meet Tane and Nik as they wait for the bridal party.

Yet as Flick walks around the yard, Cash and Gary realise they are fighting a lost battle back at the home. Eden suggests that Cash and Gary go to the location to stall things while she alone tries to reason with Flick. Although it’s a dangerous choice, Gary notes that Eden is probably their best chance because there is less pressure with less people around.

Eden assures Cash that she will drive Flick to the ceremony as Cash unwillingly departs. They are unaware of the fateful events as Cash delivers them the keys.

Finally, a second pep talk from Eden, who emphasises that Flick is fleeing from her own happiness, is sufficient to bring Flick back to reality.

Cash stands in for Flick at the venue, expecting that she will arrive soon.

In the meantime, Cash tells him that he intends to finally tell Eden how he feels, as soon as he has the chance, after getting his own advise from Gary the previous night.

Flick shouts out the window to onlookers that she is on her way to get married as the females eventually pile into the decorated truck!

Eden puts pressure on them to get at the ceremony on time while blissfully oblivious to the brake fluid spilling from beneath.

As the season comes to a close, it appears like Eden and Flick are headed for catastrophe!

While Channel 5 fans will just have to wait a few days to find out what happens next, Australian viewers had to wait six weeks to find out what happens next. The 2023 season premieres on Monday, March 6.


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