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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane hunts Kahu down after betrayal

On this week’s episode of Home and Away in Australia, Tane follows Kahu when he flees with his money, but will he eventually find out the truth?

This week, Tane’s (Ethan Browne) worries about Kahu (Jordi Webber) are confirmed when his dishonest cousin flees the area after his web of lies started to fall apart.

After meeting up with Tane and his new wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) when they were on their honeymoon in New Zealand, Kahu made the decision to pay them a surprise visit.

Things with Kahu didn’t seem right right away because he was quick to apply for the Personal Trainer position at the gym before admitting he lacked the necessary certificates. Despite Flick’s reservations, Tane hired him nevertheless to help out and consented to contribute money so Kahu could enrol in TAFE and earn the required credentials.

When we discovered that Kahu had wired the money to his mother in New Zealand, who appeared to believe that he was working on a fishing trawler, it quickly became clear that he was lying about enrolling in TAFE.

Kahu claimed that it had always been his ambition to own a trawler when Tane reprimanded him for not enrolling, and Tane decided to let him keep the money he had given him in order to start registering his business and requesting the necessary permissions.

But Kahu felt that wasn’t enough. Kahu switched his attention to Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) after learning that he had a sizable bequest in the bank after trying and failing to get Tane to invest more in the company—and losing interest in fling Mackenzie (Emily Weir) after seeing she wasn’t rolling in cash.

Tane put on a BBQ to try to win Cash over, but when Cash politely declined his bold proposition, Tane was embarrassed. Tane began keeping a close eye on his cousin after having his eyes opened to the lengths he would go to in order to get money.

According to Jordi Webber of TV Week, “people initially welcomed him with open arms because they saw how happy Tane was to have his cousin there, but over time that perception changes.”

Tane questioned his cousin about what he’d truly done with the money after understanding that Kahu had once more lied to him about using the money to register his business and after having a highly revealing phone conversation with Kahu’s mother.and inquired as to why his mother believed he was employed by a trawler.

Kahu acknowledged that his mother had given him a $50,000 loan so that he could purchase a used boat, but he claimed that there were so many mechanical problems with the boat that he was unable to fix them all, thus it is now stranded at the bottom of the harbour.

Kahu packed his stuff and left the Parata home when Tane left him alone so he could phone his mother and tell her the truth.

This week, when Kahu doesn’t show up for work, Tane is upset to learn that he has bailed. Tane feels foolish for falling for Kahu’s falsehoods once more, who is obviously choosing to avoid his responsibilities and has no qualms about betraying his whanau, and heads over to Flick at Salt to inform her of the most recent developments.

Behind the smile lurks some neglect and pain, Jordi continued. “On the outside, Kahu is smiles and pleasure. “He was spoilt by his single mother while growing up.”

But when Tane later gets a call from the bank warning him about some questionable purchases made on the business credit card, one of which is a down payment for a houseboat, he doesn’t know all of it!

It’s now too clear why Kahu was so eager for Tane to allow him to assist with handling payments for the gym.

“What’s next?” Following Tane’s update, Flick queries.

“Now, I go get him,” Tane replies.

Tane dons his Action Man garb once more and finds someone with a speedboat to take him across the water where he eventually finds Kahu playing his guitar quite lazily on the deck of a large yacht.

I asked, “What are you doing here?” Kahu boldly enquires.

In response, a furious Tane says, “I could ask you the same thing.”

According to TV Week, Kahu tries to talk his way out of situations once more, but Tane isn’t buying it. In a bind, Kahu complains that he is stuck in a cycle of borrowing money to try and pay off debts while pursuing his passion (although we fail to see how renting a houseboat is helping with that).

“Kahu has a lot to figure out at first, and needs to right a lot of his wrongs,” Jordi continued. However, I believe there is a genuinely wonderful dude there after that.

Tane offers to fly to New Zealand with Kahu so that they can tell his mother the truth together. Tane is still convinced that Kahu, who claims to be ashamed, should do it.

Tane is setting himself up for further harm, so can he really accept anything Kahu says?


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