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Former Home and Away and X Factor star Johnny Ruffo shares ‘heartfelt’ post sparking fan reaction

Lynne McGranger, a former co-star on Home and Away, was one among the stars who commented on the post.

Johnny Ruffo just posted a tearful message about his mother Jill.

The former Home and Away and X Factor contestant, who is presently battling stage four cancer, appeared next to his mother as she grabbed onto a sizable arrangement of flowers in an update posted on Instagram.

Happy Mother’s Day! Please know how much I love and appreciate you, you mean the world to me, xx,” Ruffo said on Sunday. “Sometimes I take for granted the things you do.”

Ruffo also uploaded a picture of himself with Sims and his mother at Nick’s restaurant in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Actress Lynne McGranger from Home and Away, host of The Morning Show Kylie Gillies, and his partner Tahnee Sims were among the commentators who added heart and flower emojis.

One supporter commented, “Beautiful photos and enjoy this beautiful day with your mum and Tahnee.”

Beautiful, sincere words! Another person wrote, “”

Ruffo acknowledged last year that his brain cancer was fatal, but he said that he was dedicated to fighting it as valiantly as possible and to living life to the fullest.

He admitted to 7Life last year, “I know the cancer is terminal, but you know, I’m going to do everything I can and I’m doing everything I can to kick its a**.

Ruffo uploaded a snapshot of himself posing with what appeared to be a delectable birthday dessert on March 8 in honour of his 35th birthday.

The former X Factor contestant celebrated his birthday in grand style by treating his loved ones to lunch at Nobu in Crown Sydney.

He wrote, “35 and sure feeling it!!!”

Thanks to the sun for another trip around the earth.

“I appreciate all the birthday wishes,” said the speaker.

Sims also posted a video update with clips from their most recent videos to when they first met in 2015.

In reaction to his partner’s thoughtful act, the singer said, “Thank you for all the amazing memories, babe xx.”

A week after Ruffo offered an update on his treatment, there was a celebration.

He stated that he was receiving more chemotherapy while “back in my favourite chair.”

“I hate this chair” and “f*** cancer” were further hashtags he used.

In an update from September 2022, the singer had previously described chemotherapy sessions as “not fun.”

“I feel f***ing awful. Just walking up a flight of stairs always leaves me exhausted, he exclusively admitted to 7Life.

“By the time I reach the summit, all I want to do is sleep.”

When asked about his plans for the coming year, Ruffo stated that he wanted to continue making music, look into acting, and present.

Just what I was doing before, he said.

In reference to his 2017 diagnosis, he adds, “I felt like I was just kicking goals and I just couldn’t miss, and then all of a sudden the roof came crashing down.”

“Goddammit, I was thinking that. Everything suddenly came to a halt.

“And it was going so well; I felt like I was accomplishing everything I set out to do.

I kind of want to pick up where I left off since “everything was just going in the right direction for me.”


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