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Home and Away Dieter Brummer’s death – ‘last straw’, shunning fame and mum’s heartbreak

Dieter Brummer, who portrayed the Australian soap opera’s hunky Shane Parrish, committed suicide after the Covid lockdowns took a toll on the actor.

Dieter Brummer, the star of Home and Away, passed away last summer after battling depression, but according to friends, the Covid-19 pandemic was his “last straw.”

Along with parts in Neighbours, Underbelly, and Winners & Losers, the actor was most known for his portrayal of Channel 5 soap opera hunk Shane Parrish.

Dieter, who was only 45 years old at the time of his passing, left behind a distraught mother and friends who discussed the circumstances surrounding his suicide during lockdown.

The Daily Star examines the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate tragedy to remember the eminent actor.

last weeks

Dieter Brummer was having money difficulties in the final weeks of his life when a friend gave him a job.


In between performing roles, the actor worked as a window cleaner on high-rise structures before finally accepting an offer from a friend to work on an apartment building in Sydney.

Thanks for bringing me on board, Dieter wrote in a Facebook post announcing the announcement.

“I rescued you a long time ago, and now you’ve finally paid it forward.

“I am anticipating a working high over Covid, which is allegedly “ravaging” Sydney,” said the speaker.

The actor suffered a severe setback when, just two days later, the New South Wales government decided to halt all construction projects for two weeks in order to quell a Covid surge.

After Dieter’s passing, his company wrote in a statement to the Daily Mail: “He was genuinely thrilled and thankful about the position. The lockdown diminished his momentum.

discovered deceased at home

In July 2021, Dieter committed suicide at his parents’ house in Glenhaven, Sydney.

When asked at the time, the New South Wales Police said: “Officers from the Hills Police Area Command responded to an allegation of a concern for welfare at a home on Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven, at around 1.30 p.m. on Saturday, July 24.

“A man’s body was discovered inside the house. It is not thought that his death was suspicious.

For the coroner, a report will be created.

At that moment, his family released a statement confirming: “On Saturday morning, we lost our handsome, talented, humorous, complicated, and adored Dieter.

Our lives have been left with a gaping hole, and things will never be the same.

Only 10 mourners attended his mother’s sole son’s funeral, which was held under severe lockdown regulations.

His buddies weren’t famous people, she said, adding that “we had to pick and select” because there were so many people who wanted to go.

Final straw

Dieter’s frustration reached a breaking point when the NSW government implemented tight measures under its then-current Zero Covid programme.

Lifeline, a mental health hotline, experienced its busiest day ever on the day of his funeral, with volunteers handling 3,345 calls.

Many reportedly had a connection to the ongoing lockdowns, which made people feel alone.

Mom’s heartache

Dieter’s mother, who is 85 years old, told the Mail that she is currently penning a biography on her son’s tragic passing and said, “[Dieter] stopped his pain, but the rest of the people who knew him are now in pain.

If one individual is even slightly considering suicide, perhaps now they will consider how it will impact their mother, their siblings and sisters, their partner, their friends, and the larger group of people they know.

She also started a fundraising campaign for the nonprofit BeyondBlue, which fights depression and prevents suicide.

“We lost our lovely, talented, witty, complex, and beloved Dieter on Saturday morning. He has left a huge hole in our life. Our world will never be the same,” the woman writes on her GoFundMe page.

While he has finally found peace, we are aware that there are others who are in need of assistance and who are suffering. To many, he was a beloved cast member and the star of their favourite television soap opera.

We believe that by uniting in our sorrow, we can raise money to help individuals who are suffering from depression and stop other families from experiencing the same kind of loss that we are.

“Would you kindly support Dieter by making a donation?”


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