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Home and Away Spoilers – Kirby discovers Forrest’s manipulation

As the consequences from Kirby quitting Lyrik intensifies the following week on Home and Away in the UK, she eventually learns of the precarious situation that Forrest has placed her former bandmates in.

Kirby (Angelina Thomson) has been shunned by her closest friends Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) after she accepts music producer Forrest’s (Elijah Williams) offer to go solo shortly after Lyrik releases their debut album. However, she finds support from her ex-boyfriend Theo (Matt Evans) and ex-manager Justin (James Stewart).

Kirby is unaware, though, that Forrest has turned the fact that Kirby penned the majority of Lyrik’s songs against them. Forrest made the decision to act dishonestly because she was upset that her ex-bandmates had persuaded her to postpone her solo debut.

Forrest told Justin that he was withholding all copyright on Kirby’s work because there was no formal contract between them. As a result, the band was forced to delete their album from all streaming services and was prohibited from performing the vast majority of its songs live.

Since Justin has been telling Eden and Remi not to discuss anything with Kirby, she hasn’t known why they’re being so sour towards her all this time.

Theo’s heart was no longer in it, even though Justin had introduced him to Forrest in the hopes that he, too, may be given the opportunity to pursue a solo career. Forrest had offered Theo a contract, but Theo was certain he wanted to play in a band.

Meanwhile, Justin made the decision that it was time to go back to work full-time at the garage.


Theo and Remi talk about Justin’s comeback to becoming a mechanic next week. Theo would much rather be managing a band, but he knows his heart isn’t in it.

Theo decides to look towards a more solid employment alternative and shows up to Summer Bay Auto to assist. Theo is pleased to assist Justin with the paperwork even though he knows he can’t operate on automobiles because he gave up his apprenticeship as a mechanic to join Lyrik.

Theo later says he’s considering picking up where he left off with his apprenticeship. However, Justin tells him to consider his options carefully and not just act out of kindness. However, Theo appears adamant that Lyrik will never succeed.

Remi, meantime, becomes tired of tip-toeing around and disobeys Forrest’s orders by busking outside the surf club while playing Lyrik tunes. Eden’s cautions are ignored, and it is only fitting that Forrest should show up at the surf club. Forrest records Remi using his phone, introducing himself, pointing out that Remi is violating copyright and threatening to take him to court if he does it again.

When Forrest reaches her breaking point with Lyrik, she informs Kirby that it’s now appropriate to launch her new solo endeavour.

As Eden and Remi talk about their plans for the future at home, social media notifications beep on their phones. The supporters already appear to believe that Lyrik’s days are over when the news regarding Kirby was revealed.

Remi and Eden witness Kirby celebrating with Forrest when they accompany Bree (Juliet Godwin) to Salt. The two ignore Bree’s encouragement to congratulate her and instead turn to leave.

The following morning, Justin and Theo congratulate Kirby without delay, expressing confidence that Eden and Remi will soon get past their differences. However, as the two brood at home, they assume that their leader has given up on them as well after learning that Theo is returning to TAFE.

Remi offers that they go to his parent’s vacation house, recalling the days when they used to compose their own music. Some of their greatest dreams were born there, when they visited in their school days.

When Kirby knocks on the door as they are getting ready to go, Eden is all for it and hopes to put Kirby out of her mind for a bit. Kirby wants to make things right, but Eden and Remi cannot ignore what she has done.

Kirby is perplexed as Remi informs her that by claiming copyright on the tunes, she left Lyrik hanging. Eden calls her a moron, but she responds that it was a slap in the face because they were all involved in creating Lyrik’s song. Kirby watches in disbelief as Remi and Eden head off on their vacation.

Bree gives her some hard facts as she explains the situation to him, shocked that Eden and Remi could believe she was the reason for such a horrible behaviour. What were they expected to think, having been forced to yank the album and call off all of their gigs?

Kirby immediately approaches Forrest and informs him that he has betrayed her friends!

Knowing that Forrest lied to her, will Kirby be able to continue her relationship with him?


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