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Home and Away Detective Madden star’s previous role in soap as Roo’s love interest

Fans of Home and Away were recently introduced to Jonny Pasvolsky’s character, Detective Madden.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), who is investigating Dana’s drug arrest (Ally Harris), met with Detective Madden on Monday, October 9, to discuss some of the issues related to her case. Following their meeting, Madden got in touch with a coworker.

“Get me everything you can on Senior Constable Cash Newman,” commanded Madden, fed up with Cash’s investigation into the case. Although Jonny, 51, is fast making a name for himself as the newest antagonist on the soap opera, this isn’t the actor’s first visit to the made-up town of Summer Bay.

In 2012, the actor portrayed Tim Graham, the ex-boyfriend and coworker of the recurring character Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker), in seven different episodes. Tim showed up in Summer Bay without warning, not long after Roo became engaged to Harvey Ryan (Marcus Graham).

Tim returned from New York and that he wanted her back after divorcing his wife, even though Roo was not returning his calls. The ex-couples came up with the plan to launch a company in the city, but Roo quit her job to show Harvey how committed she was to him after Tim kissed her.

In the episode of Home and Away that airs on Tuesday, October 10, Dana confides in Cash regarding her drug accusation and wins his trust. Given that Madden’s actions have caused Cash to become suspicious, he is committed to solving the case.

When Dana discloses that she had lunch with Harper the day the drugs were taken, Cash is perplexed the following week. Cash points out that even though Dana insisted she told Madden, this was never included in her statement. He realises that there may be CCTV evidence from the restaurant that might clear Dana.


In the meantime, Madden summons Harper in for interrogation; with Cash at her side, she is interrogated regarding her sister’s location. Madden threatens the two as they leave the interview, saying that he knows they are lying and that things will get very messy for them both.

Afterwards, Cash goes to the restaurant to get the CCTV footage, but he’s surprised to see that it’s already been taken by someone else. As she waits for Cash to return with the tape, Dana is ready to celebrate, but when he breaks the terrible news, her spirits drop.


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