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Home and Away stars cause chaos on set with brutal pranks

On the set of Home and Away, the adage “boys will be boys” is alive and well.

New behind-the-scenes videos from Kawakawa Fox-Reo and Ethan Browne have emphasised this point.

So, what exactly are the antics at hand? This on-set drama will be broken into two parts, so be prepared.

In the first video, Kawa swiftly goes over to the couch where Ethan has had a mid-day sleep, clutching a square piece of cheese.

Kawa throws the meal into his co-face star’s in a matter of seconds, and Ethan’s response is nothing short of spectacular.

It takes him a second to realise what has just occurred to him, and when he finally realises that cheese has been thrown on him, he can’t keep his smile off his face.

The video was exactly what we needed in the afternoon, but naïve viewers had no idea that a retaliation video was on the way.


A few hours later, Ethan prepared his assault, and the prank is even hilarious the second time around.

“Eye for an eye mudda fugga,” Ethan captioned the video, which he shot while walking with a slice of wholemeal bread in his hand.

The foreboding remark adds to the suspense in the film, and the spectator can sense the anticipation rising as we await the vengeful act.

There’s some light conversation going on in the background, which is a nice diversion from Ethan’s footsteps.

Meanwhile, Kawa is reclining on a set sofa, minding his own thing, blissfully ignorant of the assailant pursuing vengeance.

Ethan finally takes his seat and slaps the piece of bread over Kawa, who looks up, perplexed by what’s going on.

Kawa’s face changes from a puzzled to a knowing grin as he realises what has just happened.

The two have long had a witty connection, which they flaunt on social media.

In April, Ethan posted a photo from on set with Kawa with a cheeky caption designed to poke fun at his buddy.

He wrote, “This fullah talking kaka again.”

If Ethan’s expression was any indication, he was perplexed by what his pal was saying.


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