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Home and Away Spoilers – Kidnap drama for Eden and Remi

The following week on Home and Away in the UK, Remi and Eden find themselves in a potentially fatal circumstance when Remi’s efforts to save Eden take a sinister turn.

Once again, Channel 5 viewers get to see the episodes from the 2023 season finale that aired in Australia three months ago.

After enduring their own cliffhanger over the Christmas break, UK fans will be able to tune in as usual the following week, but Australian viewers will have to wait six weeks to find out what happened in the cliffhanger.

This year, Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) are the main subjects of attention because of the disastrous outcome of an impromptu camping trip intended to help Eden decompress.

Beginning with the start of the last week, Bree (Juliet Godwin) is still having difficulties after her violent husband Jacob’s death anniversary. After they had been married for seven years, Bree found she had forgotten the anniversary of that tragic day, which made her worry about the kind of person she had become. The period had been traumatising for her when she was forced to fight Jacob in self-defense.

Bree informs Xander (Luke Van Os) that she hasn’t confirmed her most recent counselling session and that she’s still finding it challenging. Xander responds that she needs to keep working hard for that reason.

Later, when discussing the meeting with Remi, Bree says she still feels as though her life is quite regulated and protected. Recently, after Bree learned of Levi’s (Tristan Gorey) experiences working for Doctors without Borders, this topic was brought up.


Bree feels as like she has lost out on a lot because she has spent the most of her 20s in medical school. Bree’s counsellor advised her to try letting go, but she’s not sure where to begin.

But Remi has an idea that will undoubtedly force Bree to step outside of her comfort zone.

Last year, Bree was adamant that Remi not be allowed to keep Mercedes’ (Amali Golden) motorcycle. Little does Bree realise, however, that she is now sitting behind Remi as they speed down the narrow roads.

Excited, Bree tells Remi that she wants to take a big step and apply to work for Doctors without Borders, and she wants him to come with her as they dismount and enjoy a view of a quiet bay!

When Eden finds out that Levi will be staying in Summer Bay for a little longer, she becomes irate since she is not even considering the possibility of reconciling with him.

Eden returns home and promptly advises Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) that they go as he advised; in fact, they ought to leave today!

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), who is still processing the dissolution of her marriage, is difficult to let go of Cash. However, she informs Flick that she doesn’t require coddling after learning that Cash has been using her as a justification.

Eden is so thrilled when Cash whisks her away for a romantic getaway and they arrive at a gorgeous location by the river. They’re not here to sightsee on their way to an opulent hotel, as Eden would have thought—this is where they’re camping!

Eden pretends to be brave, but it’s obvious that she’s a city girl lost in rustic surroundings.

Eden says she’s just glad to be spending time with Cash alone when he asks her if she hates it.

Eden assures him, “I am happy anywhere I am with you.”

Cash grins and says, “I’m honoured that you care about me enough to be that cheesy.”

The two are infatuated with each other as they dance that evening, and they quickly move the celebration inside their tent.

However, the bubble swiftly pops the following morning when Cash informs Eden that she has a tick on her neck.

Cash apologises to her for not enjoying it as he removes it. He had intended to share some of his happy childhood recollections of visiting Crystal Gorge with his foster father Gary (Peter Phelps).

After a strenuous bushwalk, Eden has had enough, but she still feels guilty after hearing Cash’s story. Remini’s voicemail regarding an upcoming gig catches Eden off guard, and she begs Remi to come get her so they can go back and practice.

Remi offers to come get Eden while she enumerates all the hardships she has faced. Eden hangs up, but when she turns around, Cash is waiting for her, having listened to everything that was spoken.

Eden says she was attempting to be sensitive to his sentiments as she packs away her belongings, but Cash wishes she had been more forthright rather than turning around and asking Remi for assistance behind his back. She doesn’t want to ruin Cash’s fun when he offers to drive her home.

Cash argues that it wouldn’t be enjoyable by himself and offers a compromise in an effort to defuse the tension. They will stay in the tent for one more night before moving into a posh hotel.

Eden enthusiastically accepts the proposal and informs Remi not to bother coming in a note.

But Remi’s already riding his bike on the road. Along with them are two brothers driving in the opposite direction: Mickey (Travis Jeffery) and Wes (Josh McConville).

Wes doesn’t see Remi coming as the automobile crosses the middle line and the two brothers argue over the song selection.

Though it’s too late, Mickey tries to warn Wes. Remi is thrown into the air as the automobile loses control and crashes into him.

Wes quickly goes to wake Remi up, but instead tells Mickey, “He’s dead….”

Wes, who is terrified, destroys Remi’s phone and informs Mickey that they must conceal the body. Mickey is reluctant to assist Wes in getting Remi into the car because he knows they can still call for an emergency.

Mickey is excavating a shallow grave in the middle of the jungle later that evening. And who should happen to heed the call of nature than Eden, toilet roll in hand?

She is unaware of her presence as she observes Mickey with curiosity as he keeps digging. But when she turns to go back to Cash and retrace her ways, she encounters Wes.

Eden screams for Cash and Wes hits her, knocking her unconscious. Suddenly, the brothers have two people to “take care of.”

Wes rapidly gives Mickey the order to assist him in loading Eden and Remi into the back of the car after realising that Cash may have heard Eden’s scream.

Eden is shocked to see a dead Remi next to her as she wakes up to discover that she is gagged and shackled!

When Cash wakes up the following morning and realises Eden is missing, he becomes worried. His voice reverberates throughout the desolate valley as he cries her name.

Is Remi truly gone? Can Cash save his girlfriend? And when will Eden be able to use the restroom?


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