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Home and Away spoiler: Mac’s life hangs in the balance again

Paramedics care for Mackenzie at home. She’s shocked to hear that she’s well and that her suspicion that she was having another heart attack was actually anxiety. The paramedics advise her to go back to the hospital given her recent medical history, but Mac is positive that she has just overreacted and tucks herself into bed instead.

Upon discovering Mac afterwards with Xander and Mali, Mac is not conscious. Xander starts chest compressions right away.

Later, as Levi is about to say farewell to Summer Bay, paramedics wheel Mackenzie in while Xander is chasing after her. After Xander assisted in motivating his patient to go back home, Levi is upset to see that she is once again in danger and quickly assigns responsibility to him.

Tane, Xander, and Mali assemble at the hospital as Levi gets ready to operate on her, knowing that her life is in danger. Will Mackenzie survive?

Bree is still processing her remorse about Jacob’s passing in the meantime. She confides in Xander, saying that although she’s worked hard in treatment, she still can’t get over the idea that if it weren’t for her, Jacob wouldn’t be here. Xander wonders why Bree is having so trouble. She knows deep down that she must continue working.

In another scene, Kirby is trying to talk Justin into taking a coffee break while they are crafting the ideal song for his now-postponed wedding. Kirby can hardly get Justin to slow down.

She starts to grasp that Justin is writing through his suffering after he tells her that he doesn’t think she understands how important the song is to him. When it comes to Leah, Justin feels helpless, as he confides in Kirby.



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