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Home and Away spoilers: Ryder is trapped underground – will he survive?

In recent weeks, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Theo (Matt Evans) have had their fair share of adventures, dares, and accidents, from eating ghost chillies to walking on scorching coals. Despite cautions from everyone around them to not take such risks, the two want to take their prank channel to the next level.

Despite Justin’s (James Stewart’s) warning that it could put people in danger, the two guys are still determined to draw in viewers and make money.

When Ryder goes to see Martha (Belinda Giblin) in the hospital, he notices a leaflet from the coffin company in her bedside drawer. The way Martha thinks disturbs him, yet the images drive him to come up with the next great video channel idea. Furthermore, he will be the one to carry out the joke. He tells Theo right away, and the two begin plans to find their own coffin….

Later, the two go into the woods to begin excavating a hole underground, after which they begin shooting. They’re returned, and Ryder will be buried alive for the next five hours! In the event of an emergency, Theo will remain on hand. Theo fills the hole and Ryder returns to his temporary resting place. The clock then begins to tick.

Theo becomes bored after an hour of sitting next to the hole and chooses to return to the Bay for lunch. Meanwhile, Ryder is six feet deep, about to open his packed lunch when he discovers that Theo has loaded it with chillies as a joke. Ryder is unimpressed and realises that he will be hungry and confined for the next few hours.

Ryder tries to contact Theo, but he does not respond. Theo eventually takes up the phone and reveals he’s in the Diner. Ryder is enraged, but Theo begs him to calm down since he’ll be back soon. He keeps talking on the phone as he walks back to the bush, but the line goes dead as Ryder hears Theo scream.

Theo is asleep at the bottom of a ravine while Ryder calls his name. Ryder becomes concerned – will he be imprisoned underground?


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