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Home and Away Spoilers – Panic for Leah in intruder drama

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Justin worries that Leah is second-guessing their wedding, while Leah has a scare when she hears someone lurking about the home.

Following her and Justin’s (James Stewart) most recent Vita Nova ordeal, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) is still struggling and must seek Bree (Juliet Godwin) for assistance next week.

Since Justin almost died after the kidnapping, Leah has been on edge. This was exacerbated worse when a Vita Nova member posing as an orderly tried to kill Justin again at the hospital.

After attempting to suffocate Justin, the attacker Jordan (Jack Angwin) was taken into custody. It appears that he had not completely buried his tracks when the authorities found Vita Nova’s new compound.

Rose (Kirsty Marillier) informed Leah that several people had been taken into custody and that proof of the attack on Leah and Justin had been discovered at the complex. This evidence included maps showing the intended intercept points for the two and paint that matched the writing that had been put on the warehouse walls.

Rose concluded that Vita Nova had officially broken up at this point. Naturally, Leah was a little sceptical of this assertion because we had heard it before, thanks to the somewhat naive Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) who had stated the same thing after arresting leader Margot (Mandy McElhinney).

Though Justin took it as a good sign and informed Leah that they could immediately begin preparations for their wedding, Leah is still not thinking about getting married just yet.

The following week, Leah is left alone at the Morgan residence when she awakens from a horrifying dream in which she finds herself back in the warehouse with a seriously hurt Justin.

After catching her breath, Leah goes into the kitchen to get some water, but she soon gets suspicious that someone is prowling the grounds after hearing a commotion outside.

Leah contacts the police in a panic. When Rose and her partner Constable Watson (Gary Bell) answer the call and go to investigate, they are unable to locate any evidence of an intruder.

Leah makes a phone call to the hospital to make sure Justin is alright, believing that someone is still trying to get them. Leah apologises to Rose for wasting their time when she tells her that Vita Nova is over and that no one who was detained was freed on bond.

Rose is made aware of how easy it is to forget about crime victims after a case is concluded, which makes her reflect.

The following day, Leah is preoccupied at work. Rose calls Leah at the coffee cart to see how she’s doing and to let her know that she can talk to someone if she needs to, but Leah quickly cuts her off by stating that she’s busy.

Later, Rose makes another attempt, but Leah isn’t responsive to her anymore. Rose tells Leah that she’s worried about her as a friend because she seen how terrified she was the night before and doesn’t trust her when she says she’s fine.

Leah is certain that she doesn’t want anyone to know about the event, not even Justin, and that she thinks everything will work out because he is returning home today.

Rose isn’t sure it will be that easy, but Leah interrupts her, yelling at her to stop before storming off.

The following day, Leah and Theo (Matt Evans) go to the hospital to get Justin. When the couple returns home, they decide to begin arranging their wedding, and Justin assigns Theo to go undercover to Yabbie Creek in search of Leah’s engagement ring.

Leah is ecstatic when Justin subsequently proposes to her and gives her the ring after a romantic dinner at Salt.

But even with Justin by her side, Leah’s world quickly collapses when she experiences another nightmare. As Leah gets out of bed, Justin wakes up and notices that she has taken off her ring.

The following day, after observing the attitude she appears to be giving Rose, Justin confides in Alf (Ray Meagher) his concerns regarding Leah’s reluctance to be married.

Leah maintains it’s just her thoughts running from wedding plans and denies anything is amiss. Now that Justin has offered to do the work himself, Leah understands she’s in a difficult situation.

Leah goes to Bree in a desperate attempt to get aid and asks if she can give her some sleeping pills. Bree is hesitant, though, because she is aware that it won’t address Leah’s underlying issue.

Leah contends that with enough sleep and clear thinking, she might process her trauma; however, Bree believes that speaking with Justin—or a therapist, for that matter—will be much more beneficial.

Leah storms out, refusing to talk to anybody else and outright refusing to blame Justin for her troubles.

As Leah’s mental state deteriorates, will she be able to keep her problems from Justin?


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