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Home and Away spoilers: Felicity Newman needs $10,000!

On Home and Away, Felicity Newman, portrayed by Jacqui Purvis, is currently being BLACKMAILED by her assailant just as she is beginning to try and put the sexual assault behind her. (1:45 pm – listings can be found in our TV Guide)

Ethan Browne’s character as Tane Parata, Felicity’s husband, is the only other person who is aware of the blackmailer.

She doesn’t want Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), her policeman brother, to get involved.

Felicity wants to settle the debt owed to the blackmailer and put an end to the horror.

But when the blackmailer sends another message and requests MORE money, it won’t be that simple!

This time, he demands $10,000, failing which he would make public film of that terrible night.

How are Felicity and Tane going to raise $10,000 by the deadline set by the blackmailer?

Cash, who is still on a quest to find the person who attacked his sister, is committed to doing so.

Cash meets Tane and Felicity at Salt and says he might have found the culprit!

Can Felicity force herself to look at the suspect’s picture down at the police station?

Will justice be done and the case soon be over?

Will Remi Carter’s (Adam Rowland) and Mercedes Da Silva’s (Amali Golden) falling out affect Lyrik’s upcoming album recording session?A romantic dinner for two is prepared for Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) and Mali Hudson (Kyle Shilling) when they return to the farmhouse in the meantime.

It appears SOMEONE has made an effort to assist the couple in getting back on track after their earlier romantic intentions were derailed by the break-in at the property.

And WHO?

Could it be connected to Luke Van Os’ (Luke Van Os’) guilty conscience and Rose’s brother, Xander?

After being confronted by Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin), Remi’s irate girlfriend, Mercedes is prepared to leave.

Bree must therefore conduct some major damage control!

Will she be successful in persuading Mercedes to put their disagreements aside and visit the studio once more for the benefit of the band?


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