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Home and Away confirms future of Tane Parata’s surprise baby storyline

A new teaser for Tane Parata’s surprise baby plotline on Home and Away has been released.

As Tane discovered an abandoned girl on the beach, viewers following the action at an Australian pace have already witnessed a terrifying turn of events.

Tane has shown the boy a great deal of protection, asking whether he’s becoming unduly attached to her while remaining by her side in the hospital.

Since Felicity Newman’s refusal to have children caused their marriage to end, Tane’s journey has been especially turbulent.

There are some clues as to where Tane and Felicity’s heartwarming story will go next in this new Instagram teaser.

Tane is becoming more and more devoted to the child, even giving her a name, but Rose Delaney will become involved to head a police search for the child’s mother.

In the video, Tane remarks, “She ought to have a name,” but ultimately chooses Maya, Maori for bravery.


In the video, Felicity can be seen looking in shock at how nice her estranged husband is being to the defenceless newborn while Tane cradles Maya.

“Is this the one thing that could bring them back together?” asks the narrator, hinting at the ramifications.

Next week, these scenes will premiere in Australia; in April, they will air in the UK.

The past few months have not been easy for the ex-couple, as Tane discovered early this year that Felicity continued to take birth control pills despite her declaration to him that she was ready to have a family.


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