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Home and Away Rose star wants to be killed off as she teases ‘going out with a bang’

EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away star Kirsty Marillier has played Rose Delaney since 2022 and the actress revealed she wants the Summer Bay police officer to die in an explosive ending

Eden vows to set physical boundaries with Remi in exchange for making amends with Cash.

Remi and Bree are taking things slowly right now, but their chemistry is still very strong.

Bree can’t help but give in to the temptation when Remi invites her over.

Bree pulls away as the fever rises because she’s not ready for physical connection.

Later, Bree feels apprehensive when she sees a group of female admirers gathered around Remi’s busking.

On a vendetta, Rose has made it her mission to get justice for Xander and Jamie and bring in the thugs that attacked them.

Rose’s thirst for vengeance might lead her down a dark path, but actress Kirsty wants the character to end on a high note, so that may not be an issue.

The Australian beauty told Daily Star in an exclusive interview: “I definitely want an explosive ending. When I say explosive, I see a car blowing up or something like. Otherwise, I want a shot! a police shootout of some kind.

“Or I would love to be a runaway bride in a cop duel,” she laughed. “I want to go out with a literal bang.”

During tonight’s episode of the soap, Rose blurs the line between sister and cop as she sneaks into a hospital room to interview someone suffering from a suspected drug overdose.

But Kirsty admitted Rose “isn’t fazed” at the prospect of risking her career as she is determined to fight for her brother.

“I don’t think she’s fazed at jeopardising her career at this point,” the soap star explained. “She’s crossing mild boundaries but Cash understands what she’s doing. It’s blood, it’s for her sibling.

“So I think for her, she goes in all guns blazing and she’s like, ‘I’m going to find these people and arrest them and make sure that they don’t do it again’.”


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